Applegate Applauds Environmental Working Group's Study of Superbugs and Antibiotics in American Meat

Apr 18, 2013, 13:31 ET from Applegate


BRIDGEWATER, N.J., April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- "The analysis released by the Environmental Working Group showing the bacterial contamination of the meat Americans buy in their supermarkets every day is a wake up call to the price of routinely feeding low doses of antibiotics to animals," said Stephen McDonnell, CEO and founder of Applegate, the nation's leading producer of natural and organic meat. "The price is a human health threat that we can no longer ignore."

"Applegate supports the Environmental Working Group and urges consumers to take a look at the group's newest education piece 'Tips to Help You Avoid Superbugs in Meat,' which offers common-sense advice on antibiotics and meat," added McDonnell. Towards that end, Applegate, in partnership with STOP Foodborne Illness, launched Citizens Against Superbugs, a campaign committed to educating the public about the environmental and public health dangers of antibiotic resistance caused by overuse in animal agriculture. "With the Environmental Working Group spreading the word, I hope that consumers will soon be as familiar with the dangers of antibiotic overuse as they are with fruit and vegetable pesticides thanks to their seminal work on the dirty dozen and clean 15."

"When we started Applegate in 1987, producing meat products with respect for the animals, land and farmers was the foundation of the company, which ultimately led to a commitment to raising animals without non-therapeutic antibiotics. Applegate's success proves that a system can be created where animals do not require these drugs. And, parents have let food companies know where they stand on the overuse of antibiotics by voting no with their wallets and choosing to feed their families worry-free meat," said McDonnell. "As a parent and business owner, I'm pleased this issue is becoming a top priority with consumer advocacy groups like the Environmental Working Group."

SOURCE Applegate