AstaKrill™ the Best Krill Oil Boosts Astaxanthin

Azantis combines the synergistic health benefits of krill oil with high dose astaxanthin in a new powerful supplement.

Oct 31, 2011, 15:23 ET from Azantis

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Azantis launches today AstaKrill™, a new and high potency krill oil blend. Azantis, a leading krill oil manufacturer, markets AstaKrill to resellers. The supplement contains a high dose astaxanthin, the powerful antioxidant that gives krill its distinct red color. The astaxanthin dosage in AstaKrill is up to 100 times higher than in other krill oils currently on the market.

The health benefits of astaxanthin are supported by an impressive clinical research portfolio. The main mechanism of action is the anti-inflammatory property of astaxanthin. The molecule resides in the cell membrane in close proximity to omega 3 phospholipids, the other key ingredient in krill oil.

Azantis offers 3 AstaKrill grades. The recommended daily two 500 mg softgel capsules contain pure krill oil with 3 mg, 8 mg or 12 mg esterified astaxanthin. The grades are branded as AstaKrill 3.0, AstaKrill 8.0 and AstaKrill 12.0. Most common astaxanthin supplements have 4 mg or less, and contain no omega 3 or krill oil.

"AstaKrill is more than 100 times stronger than what was on the market until today. Loaded with up to 12 mg astaxanthin. AstaKrill™ is better than mega: this is a giga red krill oil", says Mickey Schuett, Azantis' Director of Sales. "The krill oil market is differentiating quickly, and we are experiencing significant demand for superior krill oil products and blends. AstaKrill is Azantis' answer to these market forces".

Krill oil benefits are based on the phospholipid form of the omega 3 fatty acids, which are uniquely found in krill oil supplements. These benefits are enforced by the natural presence of astaxanthin in krill. AstaKrill boosts the relatively low astaxanthin levels in krill with esterified astaxanthin, extracted from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis. Consumer information about the best krill oil benefits and astaxanthin benefits is readily available on the internet.

About Azantis

Azantis is a biotech company located in Boulder, Colorado. The company specializes in discovery and extraction of bioactive molecules from sustainable marine and other biomass sources for use in food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical products. Azantis' product offerings include bulk krill oil, krill oil capsules, bottles and blister cards, astaxanthin rich AstaKrill, and liposomal glutathione and liposomal vitamin C, both formulated for full absorption.

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