Avcon Learjet 20 Series Noise Solution Includes All 24 and 25 Models

Dec 23, 2015, 11:22 ET from Butler National Corporation

NEWTON, Kan., Dec. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Butler National Corporation (OTC Pink: BUKS), a leading manufacturer and provider of support systems for commercial and military aircraft and a recognized provider of management services in diverse business groups including the gaming industry, announces the Avcon Industries, Inc. expands its Noise Suppression (hush kit) solution for Learjet XR Model 20 Series airplanes.  Avcon STC No. ST01733WI now includes all model 24 and 25 series with all wing types, including the straight wing, Mark II, XR and Century III.  The Avcon installation does not restrict the FAA certified Maximum Operating Altitude of 41,000, 45,000 or 51,000 feet.

With the only days from the deadline for noise compliance for Lear 20 series business jets, Avcon Industries expanded its solution to keep these planes flying to include the Learjet Model 20 Series airplanes with the XR Modification. 

The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 contains provisions that ban operation of a number of aircraft models with noise levels above established limits (Stage 3) as of December 31, 2015.  The Learjet 20 series airplanes are included aircraft.  The engine-mounted Avcon Stage 3 hush kit incorporated with other unique features allows the Learjet 20 series airplanes to comply with the government-mandated Stage 3 noise restrictions that go into effect in December 2015.  There were over 700 Learjet 20 series airplanes manufactured with many still in service.

Approximately two years ago, Avcon employed its in-depth knowledge and experience working on Learjets to obtain Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC No. ST01733WI) approval of the Avcon hush kit/Noise Suppressor installation on the Learjet Model 24 and 25 series airplanes.  In the many years that the Learjet 20 series airplanes were manufactured, there were a number of variations to the airplane such as the XR Wing Modification.  Avcon has installed the Avcon hush kit on its Learjet Model 24XR airplane and successfully demonstrated operation to 45,000. The Learjet 20 series aircraft with the XR Wing have been added to STC Approved Models List.  All of the Learjet 20 Series aircraft are approved to operate to the respective service ceiling with no impact as a result of the hush kit installation.

Management Comments

"The Learjet 20 series airplanes were one of the first business jets.  The mandate to comply with stage three noise restrictions would have effectively grounded the entire fleet of Learjet 20 series.  Avcon has a cost-effective STC approved Stage 3 noise compliance solution." commented Clark D. Stewart, CEO.

Mr. Stewart added: "Avcon has noise compliance kits available for installation. We now also offer a WAAS Approach GARMIN avionics upgrade and an ADS-B(Out) avionics solution STC approved for these airplanes.  We are committed to the long-term support of these Learjet 20 Series 'Workhorse Aircraft'.  Our goal is to supply cost-effective solutions to these owners who would like to continue to fly their Learjet airplanes."

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Avcon Industries, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Butler National Corporation.  Butler National operates in the Aerospace business segment.  The Aerospace segment focuses on the manufacturing of support systems for "Classic" commercial and military aircraft including the Butler National TSD for the Boeing 737 and 747 Classic aircraft, switching equipment for Boeing McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, weapon control systems for Boeing Helicopter and performance enhancement structural modifications for Learjet, Cessna, Dassault and Beechcraft business aircraft.  Services include temporary employee services, gaming services and administrative management services.

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