Bay Area Asphalt and Concrete Company Calvac Paving Launches Weekly Maintenance Monday Tips

The First Tip Focuses on Seal Coat and Why it is Important to Help Preserve Parking Lots

Jan 18, 2016, 07:00 ET from Calvac Paving

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Calvac Paving, a Bay Area asphalt and concrete maintenance company, has just launched a new weekly maintenance Monday tip series that will help their customers learn more about different aspects of the industry.

The first weekly tip, which was recently released, focuses on seal coat and why it's an important process to help maintain parking lots.

As the new maintenance tip notes, the costs for paving repairs have increased in recent years, which means it is more important than ever to protect and preserve asphalt surfaces.

"Calvac Paving has been applying seal coat for over 40 years, longer than most Bay Area Suppliers have been making asphalt based seal coats," noted the maintenance tip, adding that they also recommend adding latex and sometimes sand to existing asphalt seal coats to extend their life expectancy even more.

"It is also vital for you to have your contractor apply two coats of seal coat to your property.  The first coat, with the added sand and latex, is the filler coat and allows placement of a second coat with added latex only or wear coat."

In order to correctly seal coat a parking lot, it must be properly prepared. As the newly-posted tip notes, Calvac Paving will spend plenty of time cleaning and preparing the asphalt to ensure an attractive finished product that is also very durable.

"We will remove all vegetation, and apply herbicide if appropriate. We will use power blowers, scrapers, wire brushes and brooms to thoroughly clean the existing asphalt as the project requires," the new tip noted.

In addition, the viscosity of the asphalt emulsion seal coat is vital to the durability of the seal coat process. Calvac Paving is always careful to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for dilution, and will add the right amount of water to help with the application and adhesion of the seal coat.

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