BloomReach Launches Big Data Application To Transform Mobile Experiences

BloomReach Mobile Brings Higher Return For Retailers, Cross-Channel Optimized Consumer Experiences

Jul 15, 2013, 08:15 ET from BloomReach

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BloomReach, creators of big-data marketing applications, today unveiled BloomReach Mobile, the market's first cross-channel-optimized mobile search and discovery solution. BloomReach Mobile is built using BloomReach's signature technology, the Web Relevance Engine, which delivers relevant cross-channel experiences by leveraging the collective intelligence of both the web and individual sites to match content with user intent. With continuous, data-driven optimization, BloomReach Mobile increases revenues across all shopping channels.


Smartphones are increasingly omnipresent in the consumer path to purchase and to influence web and in-store purchases. A reported 65 percent of online searches begin on a smartphone, and 85 percent of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in a store. BloomReach's Mobile big data application makes existing mobile sites and applications relevant to each visitor with continuously optimized content mapped to the unique characteristics of both the mobile visitor and the device itself. With an integrated combination of services, BloomReach Mobile delivers relevant content to loyal shoppers, focused searchers and casual browsers. As the first big data marketing solution for mobile search and discovery, BloomReach Mobile uses web-wide and social data, natural-language processing and machine learning to provide unique, multi-channel experiences with data-driven search, visual discovery and individually created categories and selected results - increasing revenues as much as 40 percent per visit.

"Our goal at Deb Shops is to provide each and every customer with a superior experience that lets them find what they're looking for quickly while having fun," said David Cost, vice president of ecommerce and digital marketing at Deb Shops. "BloomReach Mobile has allowed our mobile customers to expedite rapid and deep discovery of our products to create unique brand experiences for the fastest-growing segment of multi-channel shoppers."

Retailers are experiencing rapid increases in mobile traffic, which is projected to overtake desktop by 2015. As a result, many retailers are focusing on responsive-design mobile experiences hoping that their immediacy and simplicity will increase conversions. BloomReach Mobile goes beyond design to provide responsive experiences where all mobile content is responsive, data-driven and optimized to yield the highest results.

"Mobile presents marketers with an unprecedented opportunity to be with the customer or prospect at virtually every step of the path-to-purchases and to convert satisfied customers into brand ambassadors," noted Gartner analysts Mike McGuire and Jake Sorofman in the report Where Mobile Fits on the Strategic Roadmap. "Market dynamics — including marketers' desire to create new and lasting forms of engagement — and the increasing utility of consumer mobile devices points to a future in which mobile can become the primary mode of engagement between consumers and brands."

Differentiation Through Cross-Channel Optimization:
Cross-channel optimization identifies anonymous, individual user profiles and determines if customers are likely the same person using multiple devices without customer authentication. BloomReach Mobile then uses these insights to create dynamic categories based on the shopper's on-site web and mobile activity in addition to presenting the most relevant products and search suggestions. This rewards loyal shoppers with intuitively connected experiences on the website, mobile site or app. BloomReach Mobile also provides analytics that track usage from mobile discovery to web purchase to help retailers assess mobile influence across their channels.

Using each individual shopper's cross-channel behavior, BloomReach Mobile automatically creates personalized dynamic categories that group products which are relevant to that shopper based on shared product attributes like brand, color, style, category or even a shopper's preference for on-sale items, pins and likes. For example, if a shopper often uses her laptop to look at new heels that are on sale, then she would have a category showing her the latest heels on sale on her smartphone. Furthermore, if she shifts browsing toward a certain style – like open-toed – BloomReach Mobile can adapt the experience and create a dynamic category such as "open-toe heels on sale" to reflect a more unique fit.

Machine-Learning Powers Predictive Search, Auto-Suggest and Contextual Search:
BloomReach Mobile transforms the mobile experience for searchers by incorporating machine learning, cross-channel behavior and web-wide intelligence to intuitively deliver search and discovery determined by data analysis across a retailer's site and the web. Auto-suggestions and predictive search use big data collected daily from 150 million web pages and more than a billion consumer interactions to make thumb-searching simple by suggesting contextual phrases from only one to two characters. Then, it rapidly shows relevant products based on consumer intent and mobile site content. Visual browsers can refine their results through the BloomReach Mobile "More Like This" capability with single-tap product navigation and refinement created for on-the-go searchers – guiding shoppers intuitively from their initial search to discovering deeper content that better fits their intent.

Turn Trending Social Data Into Revenue:
BloomReach Mobile offers "Trending" to retailers who want to transition browsing users to loyal customers. The "Trending" feature provides social discovery informed by the social-networking referral traffic from both mobile and websites. Trending social discovery is continuously updated and increases both time-on-site and frequency of visits.

"We have built our business using big data applications to create relevant experiences that connect marketing content with customers at the right moment. Now, we create those experiences across and on the right devices," said Raj De Datta, CEO of BloomReach. "BloomReach Mobile is designed mobile-first – architected for the distinct characteristics of mobile discovery, which is very different from in-store or web discovery. We use our Web Relevance Engine to deliver responsive experiences optimized to make consumers happy and maximize mobile-influenced revenue."

Check out the official BloomReach Mobile video for a visual explanation, or watch this video to see it in action.

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*Gartner [Where Mobile Fits on the Strategic Roadmap, Mike McGuire and Jake Sorofman, February 12, 2013]

About BloomReach
BloomReach's big data marketing applications drive new revenue by consuming web-wide, mobile and website data to interpret consumer demand and deliver more relevant user experiences on any marketing channel. BloomReach's two unique big data marketing applications – BloomReach Organic Search for organic-search customer acquisition and BloomReach Mobile for cross-channel-optimized mobile experiences – are built on BloomReach's signature technology, the Web Relevance Engine (WRE). The BloomReach WRE analyzes consumer interactions across billions of pages, leverages the web's collective intelligence, and incorporates machine learning to predict demand and deliver relevant content such as enhanced landing pages, intuitive alternative navigation or social trends.

BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and is backed by investment firms Bain Capital Ventures, NEA, and Lightspeed Ventures. For more information, please visit

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