BlueKai Announces Partnership With Datacratic to Bring to Market a Unique Look-a-Like Modeling Solution

Datacratic Powers a Best-of-Breed Multivariant and Real-Time Modeling Solution, Which Leverages BlueKai's Open Platform.

Jul 30, 2012, 09:10 ET from BlueKai

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueKai, the world's only complete enterprise platform to help brands fully organize, process and utilize all their collective streams of data insights, today announced a partnership with Datacratic, an industry leader in machine learning and predictive optimization, to bring to market a distinct modeling solution.

Built upon BlueKai's open platform, which includes the first and largest data exchange, Brands can enhance their current view of customers by leveraging over 360MM uniques across 20k categories to fuel customized messages online, gain more intelligence about their current customers, and model their highest-performing users to scale their best marketing efforts while maintaining efficiency.

"In this era of Big Data saturation, it's no longer an advantage to just have lots of data.  BlueKai stands out from the pack not just in the size of their data set but especially in quality, coverage and actionability," explains Jeremy Barnes, Datacratic CTO. "This is a result of their methodical approach to curating, categorizing and protecting it.  This high quality input allows Datacratic's models to be very aggressive in extracting the last ounce of value for advertisers and publishers alike"

Datacratic's sophisticated multi-variant and real-time optimization algorithms allow for predictive insights that remove bias, creating a causal model that ranks users likelihood to take action.

"Datacratic's machine learning and predictive analytics were a huge consideration when researching and choosing them as a partner. They cross-validate their models through extensive testing and training to ensure the removal of bias," says Dina Hilal, Vice President of Product, "that coupled with BlueKai's high-quality performance data means that you are only targeting your top prospects and you can see into the algorithm black box. No more spray and pray marketing."

Beyond just premium Look-a-Like models that allow clients to reach more of their best performers, BlueKai and Datacratic are both predicated on having open, media-agnostic platforms that will allow for head-to-head media partner testing. This means that once a model is constructed a client can see how it performs, and then run BlueKai analytics reports on the modeled audience to understand what type of users are driving success and through which media channels.

About BlueKai                                                                  
BlueKai ( is the world's first complete enterprise data activation system for intelligent marketing.  BlueKai offers its customers a solution for managing and activating all their 1st and 3rd party data for use in their marketing and customer interactions.  BlueKai represents the only end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers who are looking to maximize their cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for unlocking reach, scale and efficiency in their data. BlueKai has led the data-driven marketing category since 2008 when it launched the world's first Data Exchange and then branched out to create the first Data Management Platform (DMP) for marketers.  BlueKai is currently trusted by, among thousands of others, 12 Fortune 30 corporations and numerous other brands to activate their data.  BlueKai is a privately-held corporation based in Cupertino, California and was the recipient of the OnMedia B2B Company Of The Year in 2011.

About Datacratic 
Datacratic is software company that applies real-time machine learning and predictive modeling to big data generated from consumer behavior. Datacratic provides optimization for Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), e-commerce web sites and others in the real-time marketing ecosystem. Originally founded as Recoset in February 2010 and headquartered in Montreal, Datacratic is privately held with backing from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital. For more information visit