BlueKai Platform Enables Brands to Break the Silos Between Offline and Online Interactions, Enabling Consistent Activation Across Disparate Channels

BlueKai Proprietary FastRamp® Technology Speeds Up Offline to Online Process by more than 66%, Saving Brands Time and Money

Jul 02, 2013, 09:00 ET from BlueKai

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueKai, the leading Data Activation System for both marketers and publishers, today announced that the company's data management platform (DMP) is bringing choice and unparalleled speed to activating offline CRM intelligence. Combining key partnerships and proprietary technology, BlueKai enables clients to better activate audiences with targeting and precise messaging across the digital landscape. BlueKai is adding its proprietary FastRamp™ technology to do this faster for all partners, shaving off 10-12 days from the current 15+-day offline-to-online process.

Through BlueKai's platform technology, the company is helping brands answer one of the industry's burning questions: "How do you connect offline CRM data to inform better and smarter digital marketing across all channels?"

Bringing offline data from a marketer's CRM system to digital is one of the popular use cases (next to re-targeting and prospecting) that is supported by BlueKai's DMP, reflecting the merging of audience intelligence across previously siloed channels. BlueKai is partnered and integrated with some of the largest offline match providers including Datalogix, Neustar, LiveRamp, I-Behavior and others.    This partner selection gives marketers the choice and flexibility to seamlessly work with multiple providers from one central platform to achieve the highest match possible against their offline CRM database, and then, execute the intelligence across all their digital marketing; including targeted advertising, site optimization, creative optimization, custom look-a-likes & analytics and email.

With a vast majority of offline match partners deeply integrated via "FastRamp," BlueKai can immediately acknowledge groups of offline audiences online, in turn, enabling a complete onboard to be ready to action in less than a business week, and allowing fresher data to be leveraged by brands to make smarter online advertising decisions and drive better return on marketing dollars.

"A majority of FORTUNE 500 companies are still heavily invested in offline marketing programs resulting in a goldmine of data about prospects and customers," said Cory Treffiletti, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BlueKai.  "The ability to bring CRM intelligence into digital is a no-brainer for marketers and BlueKai does it faster than anyone else in the industry.  Moreover, offline data intelligence is then immediately actionable to hundreds of execution partners to inform digital ads, offers and content that deliver a consistent and borderless brand message."

Other marketer benefits include:

  • Target any segment of an audience from a CRM file across digital media including social
  • Target prospects online who are not current customers
  • Target only customers for upsell message
  • Create custom lookalike models from key offline behavior grow scale of small, high-value audiences
  • Understand how onsite activity translates to offline buying and lifetime value

As connecting offline CRM data to online digital marketing becomes a top priority for brands, marketers who lack site presence and traffic but have access to a myriad of brick and mortar data as well as a very sophisticated offline audience analytics and modeling stand to benefit the most from this type of data-drive marketing technology.

About BlueKai
BlueKai ( is the world's first complete enterprise data activation system for intelligent marketing.  BlueKai offers its customers a solution for managing and activating all their 1st and 3rd party data for use in their marketing and customer interactions.  BlueKai represents the only end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers who are looking to maximize their cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for unlocking reach, scale and efficiency in their data.  BlueKai has led the data-driven marketing category since 2008 when it launched the world's first Data Exchange and then branched out to create the first Data Management Platform (DMP) for marketers.  BlueKai is currently trusted by, among thousands of others, 12 Fortune 30 corporations and numerous other brands and publishers to activate their data.