BlueKai Processes More Than One Billion Tags Daily

Historic Milestone Underscores BlueKai as Battle Tested in Data Management Security and Control Through Its Tag Management Service

Mar 01, 2011, 15:00 ET from BlueKai

LA QUINTA, Calif., March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai, the world's only complete platform for data acquisition, management and analysis today announced that the company is now officially managing more than one billion tags per day. BlueKai is now providing that same tag management technology to marketers and publishers as both a stand-alone solution and as part of the BlueKai Data Management Platform suite.  The announcement was made during IAB's fourth Annual Leadership Meeting in La Quinta, CA., where leaders across the digital landscape converged to address the most critical issues facing the industry.

BlueKai's tag management solution offers marketers and publishers a unique level of data protection and control, simplifies an operational headache, and provides new insights.  Interest in the company's tag management service was fueled in large part by BlueKai's proven experience in providing unmatched scale, control and security for tags within the BlueKai Exchange.

"Any brand marketer and web publisher will agree that their site audience is their best asset," said Tawakol.  "BlueKai is giving the keys back to sites and brands to take control of their most valuable data asset, to protect it from data leakage and to maximize performance. We're bringing our data know-how to simplify the process of managing data for retailers and changing the rules of the game altogether.  Reaching over one billion impressions reflects the market's confidence in us and we're excited to build on tag management's growth and momentum as the digital data economy continues to grow and evolve."

Other benefits of the BlueKai Platform tag management service include:

  • Control and gain visibility into all private data  through a universal container tag reducing information leakage
  • Safeguard and protect data by authorizing different levels of access
  • Monitor pixels activity for latency, with proactive policing features to ensure optimal end user experience
  • Seamlessly connect with top tier media channels for server to server (pixel-less) transfer of data for media execution or data monetization

As a leading advocate for transparent book-end solutions like its white-label registry, BlueKai's tag management service also protects the quality of the overall experience for consumers.  Through its user experience guard, BlueKai reduces the risk of page latency or load times by monitoring rogue pixels that can cause disruption on a retailer's site, as well as screen for unwanted tags that can interfere with the user experience.

Working with some of the largest Web sites and retailers in the world, BlueKai's tag management solution is used by the top retail, auto, travel, finance and education marketers in helping them manage all of their data needs for better audience targeting performance or data monetization.  

About BlueKai

BlueKai ( provides leading solutions for comprehensive data management, acquisition and analytics to maximize performance from all audience data.  The BlueKai Platform™ is a complete technology solution for managing private data assets and analyzing campaign performance to maximize return on marketing dollars.  The BlueKai Exchange™ is the world's largest marketplace for anonymous 3rd party audience data, with exclusive access to BlueKai Intent™ and branded data in reaching more than 200M unique users across the entire marketing funnel.  As an industry leader in consumer transparency and control, BlueKai has created book-end solutions including a registry for consumers to see what marketers know about them, edit their online preferences and gain rewards through charitable donations.

The privately-held company is based in Bellevue, WA and is a recipient of the 2011 OnMedia B2B Company of the Year Award.