Bonal International Posts Record Fourth Quarter and Year End Revenue for 2011

New strategies led to strong year, seventh consecutive profitable year, and numerous records.

Jun 29, 2011, 11:45 ET from Bonal International, Inc.

ROYAL OAK, Mich., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bonal International, Inc. (OTC: BONL) announced 2011 fiscal year end revenue of $2,560,569, the highest in corporate history, representing a 42 percent increase in the first full year under the leadership of Interim President Thomas E. Hebel.  

"Fiscal year 2011 was an exciting year," said Hebel, Interim President of Bonal International. "Even with business confidence indicators still near historic lows, Bonal responded to these challenges with success, posting its seventh consecutive profitable year in an impressive way."

Net income of $510,590 was our second best, a tremendous turnaround from the $3,978 profit in 2010.  Earnings per share jumped to $0.29.

"We were able to offset the slow economy by changing our focus at Bonal.  New corporate policies, a new state-of-the-art product, greater emphasis on international sales, and a unified team effort all combined to produce record results," Hebel said.

"In 2011, changes were made in every department that improved efficiency and communication resulting in a 21 percent increase in sales volume and 42 percent jump in revenue," Hebel said.  

"This year we had a full year promoting our Model 2400 which was introduced towards the end of fiscal year 2010, and we introduced another model, Model 2000.  Both models feature touch-screen control panels and semi-automatic functions and were initiated by former President A. George Hebel, III," said Interim President Thomas E. Hebel.  "This year we saw both models become not only a reality, but two of our highest demanded products. The Model 2400 accounted for 40 percent of unit sales and has now become our 'standard' system."  

Other factors contributed to Bonal's success in 2011.  Foreign sales increased 76 percent and accounted for 40 percent of corporate sales by volume.  Repeat customers accounted for 41 percent of sales by volume through new purchases and referrals.  

"Our focus on international sales and increased customer interaction has created many new opportunities," said Hebel.  "In fiscal year 2011, Bonal sold equipment in 17 different countries, including first time sales in Russia, Portugal, Romania, and Trinidad.  Meanwhile, several of our current customers expanded their operations by ordering additional units to meet their demands."

The fourth quarter of 2011 achieved more corporate records.  Record revenue for a fourth quarter was posted at $868,397, an astounding 135 percent increase over the $369,385 fourth quarter in 2010.  The fourth quarter revenue was the highest of any quarter in Bonal's history.  The fourth quarter of 2011 also posted a record high net income at $165,917, a huge increase over the loss in 2010's fourth quarter.  Earnings per share were $0.09 in the fourth quarter.  The fourth quarter also included record revenue for a single month (March) at $407,028.  

"This is the first year since fiscal year 2008 that we achieved a quarterly net income of over $100,000, said Interim President Thomas E. Hebel, "and we did it in all four quarters, another company record.  This fiscal year has been a real team effort from start to finish."

Fourth Quarter Ending March 31






Net Income



Earnings Per Share



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Fiscal Year Ending March 31






Net Income



Earnings Per Share



Note: This table contains unaudited results.

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