Calamos Helps Advisors with New Microsite Focusing on Emerging Markets

Research Tool for Evolving World Growth Fund

Jan 29, 2014, 16:00 ET from Calamos Investments

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Calamos Investments®* today announced the official launch of a new microsite to help financial advisors better educate their clients and navigate the volatile investment landscape of the emerging markets with the risk-managed Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund (A shares: CNWGX; B Shares: CNWZX; I shares: CNWDX; R shares: CNWIX). The website address is

The microsite takes visitors on an interactive journey focusing on each of the five Truths of the Calamos Emerging Markets Doctrine.  Each Truth is supported with interactive data, charts and videos. The microsite offers visitors the ability to download and easily share content and thoughts with peers and clients. The site also offers supporting materials, links to related blog entries and exclusive content via the Calamos investment professional website at

"We are pleased to offer this valuable tool to the advisor community. The case for increased allocations to emerging markets appears strong. EM economies are integral to the growth of the global economy and the expansion of the emerging markets middle class has redefined opportunities for companies around the world. Through our unique, risk-managed approach, the Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund can provide a way to establish a meaningful, core allocation to the EM space," said Robert Behan, EVP, Head of Global Distribution Sales Management.

The Five Essential Truths of the Calamos Emerging Markets Doctrine:

  1. The potential is compelling, based on an unprecedented opportunity, the rise of the consumer class and untapped opportunity
  2. Significant exposure is essential
  3. Our revenue focus is pivotal
  4. Actively managing risk is crucial, utilizing security selection, a broader view and judicious use of convertible securities
  5. The strategy is timely

The investment objective of the Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund is long-term capital appreciation. The fund invests in global growth companies with an emphasis on emerging markets revenue rather than country of domicile. The Calamos Investment Team has decades of experience combining equities and convertible securities to manage risk and return profiles and a proven track record of managing growth portfolios toward a lower-volatility outcome.

About Calamos
Calamos Investments LLC is a diversified global investment firm offering innovative investment strategies including equity, lower-volatility equity, fixed income, convertible and alternative investments. The firm offers strategies through separately managed portfolios, mutual funds, closed-end funds, private funds and UCITS funds. Clients include major corporations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and individuals, as well as the consultants and financial advisors who serve them. Headquartered in the Chicago metropolitan area, the firm also has offices in London and New York.

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*Calamos Investments LLC, referred to herein as Calamos Investments®, is a financial services company offering such services through its subsidiaries: Calamos Advisors LLC, Calamos Wealth Management LLC, Calamos Investments LLP and Calamos Financial Services LLC.

Important Risk Information

An investment in the fund is subject to risks, and you could lose money on your investment in the fund. There can be no assurance that the fund will achieve its investment objective. Your investment in the fund is not a deposit in a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other government agency. The risks associated with an investment in the fund can increase during times of significant market volatility. The fund also has specific principal risks, which are described below. More detailed information regarding these risks can be found in the fund's prospectus.

The principal risks of investing in the Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund include: the risk the equity market will decline in general, the risks associated with growth securities which tend to trade at higher multiples and be more volatile, the risks associated with foreign securities including currency exchange rate risk, the risks associated with emerging markets which may have less stable governments and greater sensitivity to economic conditions, and the risks associated with convertible securities, which may decline in value during periods of rising interest rates.

As a result of political or economic instability in foreign countries, there can be special risks associated with investing in foreign securities, including fluctuations in currency exchange rates, increased price volatility and difficulty obtaining information. In addition, emerging markets may present additional risk due to potential greater economic and political instability in less developed countries.

The Fund's historical performance exhibited lower volatility, as measured by beta and standard deviation, over the life of the Fund. The Fund's investment objective does not seek to reduce volatility, and as a result, the Fund may experience volatility in some market conditions. (Source for beta and standard deviation data is Morningstar, Inc.)

Beta is an historic measure of a fund's relative volatility, which is one of the measures of risk; a beta of 0.5 reflects 1/2 the market's volatility as represented by the fund's primary benchmark, while a beta of 2.0 reflects twice the volatility.

Before investing carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Please see the prospectus and summary prospectus containing this and other information at or call 1-800-582-6959. Read it carefully.

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