California Municipalities Launch Battle On Pipe Leaks

JM Eagle Plastic Pipe Key to Defense Strategy

Jul 01, 2015, 18:18 ET from JM Eagle

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- California is losing 10-percent of its water as it travels through a leaky water system. Cities throughout the state have launched a battle against leaky pipes. Key to winning this battle is the cost-effective choice of the best material pipe to be used. Research shows that the best choice for generations to come is JM Eagle plastic pipe, which comes with an unprecedented 50 year warranty.

California's battle on leaks is led by leak detection and prevention programs. These programs can be aided by using plastic pipe when replacing pipe material. With conditions worsening regarding the drought crisis in the Western United States, JM Eagle, the world's largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, is sharing the benefits of plastic pipe.

The underground water infrastructure in portions of the United States is predominantly made up of metal pipe. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is replacing 100 year old pipes that are leaking. Many of the pipes that are being replaced are metal and buried in corrosive soil conditions. Our nation's infrastructure is failing us as metal water pipes are deteriorating from corrosion. The longer these pipes are in the ground, the more detrimental the problem becomes. In California alone, 228 billion gallons of water were lost due to leakage and breaks in water pipes.

Many of our decaying pipes are not old – they're just thinly walled and made of corrosion-prone metal. Unfortunately, this type of piping is widespread in our city water systems. Now, cities are facing the harsh reality that the life expectancy of these pipes is incredibly short. In addition, corroding pipes can become a breeding ground for bacteria and secondary pollution. Treated water flowing through deteriorating pipes encounters pollution when sewage and other particles permeate the surface, enabling viruses to migrate into drinking water.

The important question we should be asking is what material is being used when our budget strapped municipalities are rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure. It's a choice of ductile iron which will only begin corroding again in a few short years or corrosion-free plastic pipe.

Throughout California and the United States, cities and towns are tackling their infrastructure challenges with plastic pipe. Cities are benefiting with the installation of plastic pipe and documenting cost savings from the upgrade. The City of Pleasanton, Ca. made the switch after experiencing consistently high failure rates and water loss with an old system made of ductile iron. After the switch to plastic pipe the city showed savings of 70-percent alone on material cost. Plastic pipe will not corrode and with proper installation will not leak or break and virtually eliminates the potential for water loss.

JM Eagle is playing a critical role by providing the best protection for city water systems – non-corrosive, long-lasting PVC and HDPE plastic piping, ensuring leaks that cost cities billions of gallons of water never happen again.

Plastic PVC and HDPE piping are the antidote to our nation's growing water crisis. They're strong, lightweight, and they do not corrode. Consider PVC's life expectancy of 110 years; compared to a 70% failure rate for ductile iron within the first 40 years.

PVC's superior durability can be attributed to its resistance to biological degradation from bacteria and other microorganisms. PVC provides the lowest biofilm formation potential of all the other common water pipe materials.

JM Eagle is taking this message to Engineers nationwide with an industry first online course titled, "The Plastic Pipe Solution for Water Infrastructure Failures." The company's goal is to educate and bring awareness to the benefits of using plastic pipe. This course is a first in a series that will offer Engineers and Contractors their annual continuing education credits in order to remain licensed.

The course is another example of JM Eagle's innovative spirit, much like its Ultra Blue C909 product line. Ultra Blue C909 is a high performing, light weight pressure pipe for potable water systems. Its product attributes reduce labor costs and installation time. Municipalities in California can find the full Ultra Blue product line at JM Eagle's Fontana plant. JM Eagle offers its 50 year warranty to customers who purchase Ultra Blue. The 50 year warranty is also an industry first and unique to JM Eagle.

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