CAPUFE Installs First 18000-6C Solution for Tolling

The system allows residents of Sonora free passage through toll booths

Jan 25, 2012, 13:13 ET from Federal Signal Corporation

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sirit Inc. ("Sirit"), a leading provider of radio frequency identification ("RFID") technology, Axiompass, a leading integrator and supplier of tolling equipment and RFID systems, and Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos ("CAPUFE"), Mexico's Federal Tolling Authority, announced today they have successfully installed the first toll-free system for residents in the country using Sirit RFID readers. 

Sirit's IDentity 5100 ("ID5100") is the latest generation in multi-protocol readers that can read different radio frequency protocols and performs extremely well at high speeds.  Among the protocols that the ID5100 can read is the ISO 18000-6C, which is being integrated into every vehicle in Mexico as part of the National Public Vehicle Registry ("REPUVE").  The ID5100 can also read the ISO 18000-6B and ISO-10374 protocols which are currently being used on all federal toll roads in Mexico which are operated by CAPUFE. 

In September 2011, following a public bid process, the State Government and the Federal Ministry of Communications and Transportation announced that CAPUFE had awarded Axiompass the project to install exclusive lanes on three toll plazas.  This will allow the residents of five municipalities in southern Sonora State to be exempted from toll payment in that region. Residents of these municipalities will use the REPUVE tag, which will automatically open the toll booth barriers when it is read by the RFID reader at speeds of about 30 km/h.

On the inauguration of the project with members of CAPUFE, Diosinio Perez Jacome Friscone, Minister of Communications and Transportation of the Federal Government, explained that this application serves residents of southern Sonora State.  He noted that this type of technology applied to toll-free road usage is unique in the country.  "This project responds to the Federal Government's commitment to modernize this highway, strengthening the road infrastructure of the country," he said.

"We are very pleased with the results," said Luis Maldonado, CEO of Axiompass. "This is the first toll road that can use the 18000-6C REPUVE tag for toll collection purposes, which will open the path towards interoperability in Mexico."

"The opportunity to improve the traveling experience of southern Sonora residents is one we are happy to fulfill, particularly given its place as the first toll solution in Mexico to use the ISO 18000-6C RFID protocol," said John Freund, Vice President of Sales for Federal Signal Technologies, Sirit's parent organization. "The ability of our multi-protocol readers to integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and read both the 18000-6C REPUVE tag and CAPUFE's -6B IAVE and ISO-10374 tags ensures no disruption to current agency business practices. This approach is customer friendly and economical, a key step in the path to national interoperability, and another example of Sirit's commitment to practical and customer-focused innovation."


CAPUFE is a decentralized public organism of the Federal Government of Mexico, with its own judicial personality and independent assets, that operates and provides major and minor maintenance to the federal roads and bridges. It also participates in investment and co-investment projects for the construction and operation of general communication routes. Its sector head is the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT). At the beginning of 2008, CAPUFE operated 45 routes with a combined length of about 4,330 kilometers (2,690 miles), and 36 bridges with 142 toll plazas and 937 toll lanes, translating in a presence of about 73% of the Federal Network of Toll Roads. CAPUFE's central offices are located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. For more information, visit

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