Celebrity Personal Trainer Julie Rammal Retains TransMedia Group to Publicize How her 'Holistic Fitness' is Helping Major Figures in Gulf States and Web Junkies Worldwide Reconnect to Their Bodies

Feb 01, 2016, 12:07 ET from TransMedia Group

BEIRUT, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrity personal trainer and leading holistic fitness practitioner Julie Rammal has retained TransMedia Group (www.transmediagroup.com) to publicize how her recently released  DVD "In Light of Change" has become the talk of the U.A.E. (www.jsport.co).

"We plan to publicize how effectively Julie has spread her own concept of Holistic Fitness in the Middle East, which she developed in California after winning the title Miss Virginia Swimsuit," said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden

Ms. Rammal is showing followers throughout the Gulf States how to use her form of Holistic Fitness to bring more youthful vibrancy to their faces and overall wellbeing and how facial exercises can eliminate such aging signs as sagging cheeks and jowls.

Our publicity also will underscore how practicing primal movements can have powerful anti-aging, stress reducing and detoxifying effects and how beautiful cinematography and soothing sounds like a Tibetan singing bowl can do wonders for your fitness and health.

According to Madden, "Rammal recommends using sound therapy to eliminate even facial wrinkles and demonstrates how hearing sounds like those from a Tibetan singing bowl can make you feel, look and act more youthful."

"It's no wonder many are calling her The Middle East Princess of Holistic Fitness," he said.

"Our publicity also will show how she points to children as the most naturally intelligent beings, from whom we can learn such things as the fitness benefits of twirling slowly clockwise. Julie spreads and twirls her messages of holistic fitness throughout the Gulf States, where she teaches how natural exercises without props, weights or machines can detox your body. "

According to Madden, "Julie is a natural for national TV shows as viewers will find her advice and insights about fitness fascinating, including how the Internet is disconnecting us from ourselves."

TransMedia said it will highlight how holistic fitness can restore connection to our own body by practicing such things as Tibetan rituals of turning clockwise 10 times, just as children do who know naturally what's good for them.

"We will also show how exposure to cinematography can help us to lose weight faster. Filmed in Lebanon, her DVD takes viewers to beautiful locations. Also how deploying primal movement combined with yoga and eating natural food can cleanse, detoxify and re-invigorate."

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