CITGO Chesapeake Terminal Installs Region's First Green Roof

Roof will Eliminate Almost 60,000 Gallons of Runoff, Continue Efforts to Improve Local Ecosystem

Oct 19, 2010, 08:30 ET from CITGO Petroleum Corporation

HOUSTON, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The CITGO Chesapeake Terminal has installed a 3,000-square-foot Green Roof system which is designed to reduce storm water runoff and help improve the local environment. The innovative, environmentally-friendly system integrates living plants into the building structure and will eliminate almost 60,000 gallons of storm water runoff into the nearby Elizabeth River. This is the latest addition to the facility, which has become a leader in environmental protection and stewardship and mentoring in the Chesapeake community.

"CITGO Petroleum Corporation is committed to environmental stewardship across our company and we also support green programs at the locally owned CITGO facilities," said CITGO Vice President for Supply and Marketing Gustavo Velasquez. "The CITGO Chesapeake Terminal is leading the industry to introduce innovative environmentally-friendly practices. The Green Roof system, which has been installed on the facility's operations office, is the latest in a long line of projects that have made a significant impact on improving the local environment and ecosystem. Our company is proud to act as innovators in local communities across the country to improve the lives of the individuals and families we serve."

The Green Roof, developed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified team at Simon Roofing Product, has been designed to meet the unique needs of the CITGO facility and to ensure maximum positive impact on the local ecosystem. It incorporates the Sedum plant which stores high amounts of water and requires no maintenance throughout the life of the roof. The Green Roof is expected to last at least 20 years, a significant increase over the lifespan of traditional roofing systems.

The introduction of the Green Roof is part of the ongoing commitment of the CITGO Chesapeake Terminal to improve the local environment and rebuild the ecosystem. Working closely with the Elizabeth River Project, a local cooperative of industries, government and community, the terminal has already achieved the highest level of recognition for their environmental stewardship and mentoring efforts and won numerous awards and recognitions for their programs. Since 1996, the terminal has expanded and preserved natural wetlands, native plants and animals, upgraded facilities to drastically reduce air and water contamination and is a mentor with local schools and businesses, encouraging them to protect the environment.

"CITGO has become one of the strongest supporters of the Elizabeth River Project, going above and beyond what is required to make a remarkable improvement on the local environment and natural habitats," said Pam Boatwright, Elizabeth River Project's River Star Program Manager. "In addition to making improvements to its facilities and practices, the CITGO team is a leader in mentoring with other local businesses and school children. This dedication will ensure our community will be stronger and healthier for years to come."

The introduction of the Green Roof system at the CITGO Chesapeake Terminal is in alignment with the principles endorsed by the CITGO shareholder, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. They follow companywide efforts to improve the environment, which include a multi-million dollar investment to introduce Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel facilities at each of the three CITGO refineries by the end of 2010; an effort which will reduce airborne sulfur emissions by 98 percent.

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CITGO, based in Houston, is a refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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