CloudNine™ Engages dtSearch® Engine for Streamlined SaaS-Hosted eDiscovery

Over 50 of the top 250 law firms are customers of the highly scalable CloudNine solution

May 19, 2015, 09:07 ET from dtSearch

BETHESDA, Md., May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudNine, eDiscovery provider to over 20% of top law firms, and dtSearch, a leader in enterprise and developer text retrieval products for instantly searching terabytes of text across a wide variety of data types, announce the integration of the dtSearch Engine into CloudNine's SaaS-hosted eDiscovery platform.

When you need to review large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) under tight litigation deadlines, choosing the right technology is vital.  For CloudNine, a Houston-based electronic discovery software and service provider, one of the key components of that technology is dtSearch, the text-retrieval search engine that CloudNine has integrated into its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) review platform.

"With information volume in most organizations doubling about every two years, our clients have more data than ever to cull quickly for litigation review," stated Doug Austin, Vice President of Professional Services at CloudNine.  "Our clients are able to do so through the advanced searching and culling capabilities within our litigation review platform and dtSearch is a key component of that advanced searching and culling."   

"Before we switched to dtSearch, we had to rely on the full-text indexing and retrieval capabilities of the database management system (DBMS) that we were using," noted Bill David, Chief Technology Officer at CloudNine, who oversees software development for the company.  "By moving to dtSearch, we were not only able to take advantage of additional advanced searching capabilities, but we were also able to become DBMS independent."

CloudNine has taken advantage of dtSearch's fast indexing and retrieval capabilities to enable its clients to manage very large document collections.  "We have hosted single data collections in the terabytes," remarked Austin.  "By leveraging the power of dtSearch in our platform, our clients can retrieve most result sets in just a few seconds, even in our largest collections."

"The programmatic control that dtSearch gives us over the source files makes it easier to manage terabytes of data and still deliver search results fast," added David.  "Because of that, many of our clients process and load their entire eDiscovery data collection via our automated Discovery Client application, knowing that our search engine will quickly index their text and enable them to quickly cull the data within our platform."

"CloudNine's ease of use and searching flexibility are key reasons that we have used it on several cases within our firm," stated Katherine Gonyea, Attorney at Dow, Golub, Remels & Beverly, LLP.  "Even with cases as large as over 500,000 documents and over 1.8 million pages, the software returns search results in seconds!"

"In addition to its speed, our clients love the robustness of the search engine," added Austin.  "The ability to perform complex searches that include grouping of terms, phrases, proximity, fuzzy, stemming and synonyms which is integrated into CloudNine via the dtSearch Engine enables our clients to strike the best balance possible between recall and precision in their searches."

About CloudNine Discovery,
CloudNine enables law firms to save time and money by consolidating all their eDiscovery collection, processing and review requirements into one resource.  CloudNine's cloud-based eDiscovery software assists in the collection, processing and review of large volumes of data, reducing the expense of traditional processing, loading and hosting.  CloudNine owns, operates and manages a dedicated cloud environment, where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to CloudNine's eDiscovery platform.  CloudNine is currently used by over fifty of the top 250 law firms and offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) without user fees, where CloudNine licenses its applications to customers for use and provides access via the Internet.  CloudNine's blog, eDiscovery Daily ( is in its fifth year as a trusted source of information in the legal industry.

About dtSearch,
The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, the dtSearch product line instantly searches terabytes of text.  Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, the company has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion and searching of a broad spectrum of data formats.  Supported data types encompass databases, static and dynamic website data, popular "Office" formats, compression formats and emails (including the full-text of nested attachments).  dtSearch products meet some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world, and have received hundreds of excellent case studies and press reviews.  (Please see for these.)  The company has distributors worldwide with coverage on six continents.

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