DMC2015, Opening May 25, Takes the Lead on Showcasing the Intelligent Manufacturing of Molds

The New Normal Means New Developments Across The Sector

May 26, 2015, 09:00 ET from Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

SHANGHAI, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This year's Die & Mold China (DMC 2015) expo will be held from May 25 to 28 in five halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Approximately 800 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions will attend the event.

The upgraded expo, the full name of which is the "2015 China International Exhibition on Manufacturing Technology, Equipment and Die & Mould", will showcase the technological application of intelligent manufacturing in mold making and related sectors aimed at transitioning the sector into the Industry 4.0 era, with a focus on integration, intelligence and automation.

At the same time, the mission of the expo is to align the high-tech players with traditional ones and create an end-to-end upstream and downstream interactive platform spanning the full breadth of the industry chain from manufacturing of the molds to the end-consumers of the molded products. Key objectives will be achieving intelligent manufacturing of molds as well as the alignment of machine tools, molding technologies and molds with precision finishing, intelligent manufacturing of molds as well as molding technologies and equipment as the three primary focus points.

The centerpiece, the mold itself, will serve as the link between upstream and downstream high-end manufacturing. What is worth mentioning is that this year's CES Asia is to be held concurrently with and within the same venue as DMC 2015, bringing together industry giants such as Intel and IBM, among others.

With an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, DMC 2015 will be the largest so far of the Die & Mold China expos. All five halls from W1 to W5 will be used for the showcasing of the most advanced mold making technologies in China, with W1 mainly for automotive molds, W2 for comprehensive molds, W3 for sophisticated equipment, 3D addictive manufacturing, cutting tools, molding equipment and measuring instruments, W4 and W5 for sophisticated equipment and technologies from the industry's global players.

This expo has gained the full support of local die and mold associations and mold manufacturing clusters across the country as well as industry associations both in China and abroad. Upwards of 30 domestic and foreign groups have installed pavilions at DMC 2015.

Mold Making Featuring Integration, Intelligence and Automation

After years of ongoing growth and development, China has now become a major player in the mold making and trading sector with around 30,000 mold manufacturers. China's output value of mold manufacturing last year reached 220 billion yuan, of which 3.26 percent was attributable to the automobile industry and 3.44 percent to plastic mold making; foreign trade in molds totaled $US 7.5 billion last year, an increase of 5.73 percent from a year earlier, of which $US 2.59 billion were imports, 0.53 percent less than the previous year and $US 4.92 billion were exports, a rise of 9.39 percent from the previous year; mold exports accounted for 18 percent of the sales volume of molds last year, a 9.35 percent increase from a year earlier and a 1.68 percent contribution rate to exports.

With international mold makers reshoring a large part of their operations, China's growth in mold exports is on track to slow down, adding to the uncertainty of prices in mold markets. Other types of molds account for 18 percent of the total sales volume. Mold products are evolving as a result of efficiencies and intelligence that have been introduced into the manufacturing process. The output that is the result of these "efficient" molds are driving the automation technology and industrialization of progressive molds that have become the foundation of six major special projects being undertaken in China.

The challenge for the entire mold manufacturing sector in China is to achieve the goals set forth in the country's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), with 2015 the year during which the ongoing transformation achieves what the government has labelled as "the new normal and new stage of development" and the sector enters the Industry 4.0 era, the time at which the internet and intelligent processes manifest themselves on multiple fronts across the sector.

New operational models are set to emerge: the transformation of the industry from providing solely products to providing both products and services; the transition from the export of mold products to the export of capital and services; the transition towards a restructuring of the sector that combines market consolidation with master contracts supported by subcontracting; the trend towards establishing technical and industrial alliances as well as upstream and downstream extension; the increasingly important role of technology in equipment manufacturing; the refocusing of the sector on effective application of resources, integration and services in a move to counteract earlier inefficient investments in equipment upgrades and software applications; the integration of design, manufacturing and feedback to manufacturing under a quality control framework; the vertical integration of business information flow, capital flow and logistics; the development of businesses towards shared customer data and management.

W1 is to become the world's stage for automotive molds and W2 is to highlight comprehensive molds 

The organizing committee of DMC 2015 will continue to transform W1 into the venue for the showcasing of the best in molds for the manufacturing of auto parts, bringing together over 300 of China's best automotive mold manufacturers, including FAW Tooling Die Manufacturing, Hebi Tianqimu Automobile Mould, Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould, Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology, Shanghai Superior Die Technology (SSDT), Anhui CITC-RAYHOO Automobile Die, Anhui Jianghuai, Push Mold, Yesun Mould, Kaihua Moulds and Zhejiang Saihao Industrial, with a focus on the demonstration of research achievements in automotive press, plastic and die-casting molds as well as large outer covering molds such as progressive molds, the surface technology for auto body exterior decoration molding, automotive e-mold automation technology and R&D as well as the application of rapid shaping technique to molds; products and technologies such as the automatic stamping line, auto part molds and the integrated molding line fully embody the theme of this expo.

The hot-forming molding production line from Xuduan Group and Vision Tool & Mold will showcase the integrated manufacturing technology of molding. There will be much new content on display, including solutions for the body-in-white (BIW) assembly process, with the integration of the mold, the inspection process and the lightweight material forming technology.

Meanwhile, W2, the venue for comprehensive molds, will showcase China's new technologies and advanced products such as plastic molds and e-molds which have already been widely applied across many of China's manufacturing sectors, including home appliances, electronics, medical equipment, aeronautics and astronautics as well as rail transportation, all of which drive the development of intelligent manufacturing of dies and molds.

W4, the venue for precision equipment and W5, the venue for intelligent manufacturing equipment: showcases for high-end manufacturing technologies

The exhibits in W5 and W4 will serve mainly to demonstrate high-end precision and intelligent manufacturing equipment from the international leaders in the field, with almost every top domestic and foreign brand represented, including GF Machining Solutions, Haas Automation, Mazak, Okuma and Toshiba in the precision machining sector with each exhibiting their respective high-speed machining centers, five-axis machining centers and gantry machining centers as well as Beijing Jingdiao with its new CNC engraving and milling machine JDCT600E_A12S; Worldwide Industrial Machinery with its six-axis drilling and milling compound machine tool; GF Machining Solutions, Mitsubishi, Sodick, Suzhou Baoma and Shanghai TeLue in the EDM sector with their precision electric discharge machine tools; Hexagon, Zeiss and Nikon in the precision measurement industry with their respective high precision measurement articulated arms, coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and scan measurement systems, Daehan E.D.M. with its multi-head electric discharge machine and SoftRay with its large stroke image measuring instrument.

The field of automation and integration technology will be represented by FANUC with its industrial robots, electric discharge machines, a small machining center and injection molding machines, EROWA with its Easy Robot, Yangzhou Forging & Stamping with its leading product, the YDH-220 closed double-point CNC high-speed precision press line, and Xi'an Nagashima Seiko with the world debut of its machine tool featuring super-precision surface and internal and external circular grinder with the minimum 0.1μm feed. In addition, Heidenhain plans to demonstrate its TNC system while Emold will do the same for its mold manufacturing automatic processing technology and its mold management EAct analyzer allowing for the integration and digitized management of CAD/CAM/CAE.  

The W4 and W5 halls at DMC 2015 are dedicated to precision machining equipment as well as metal-cutting precision and special machining tools, including measuring equipment and highly dynamic machine tools for 3D surface processing, with a focus on demonstrating their high speed, high dynamic precision, high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability, large strokes, capabilities at handling complex software applications, networking abilities, compatibility with multiple control systems and, generally speaking, the holistic approach adopted by the manufacturers to ensure compatibility between the various advanced software packages that are used in machine tooling in order to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions no matter the application.

The equipment being showcased in these two halls is a reflection of the trend in the industry: the development of machine tools on a global scale meant for high-speed, precise, high-performance, systematic and comprehensive applications, which is sure to kick off a next stage of development at the high-end of manufacturing technology.   

A series of pavilions housing the exhibition booths of makers from the world's mold manufacturing clusters will be a highlight of the exhibition

Delegations of mold makers from close to 30 mold manufacturing clusters across China, notably from clusters in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and Hebei provinces, will be housed in a pavilion at DMC 2015, presenting an unprecedented occasion to showcase the achievements of the local mold industry. Mold associations and local governments in the industry clusters have given full support to the mold industry and the organizing committee, joining hands in charting a new chapter for the advancement of China's mold manufacturing sector.

The Korean pavilion is promising a spectacular exhibition during the event. The participation of so many manufacturers and the pavilions in which they plan to show their wares is sure to enrich and enliven DMC 2015 while the transformation that is taking place across the industry is sure to make this year's expo the venue that sets the stage for the new and exciting changes to come. 

Several major high-end forums and conferences will be held concurrently to the main event, in a move to promote exchanges across industries

With several major high-end forums and conferences running concurrently to this expo, the combination of events creates unprecedented opportunities for engaging with counterparts in related industries and fields.

  • The Fourth Session of the Seventh Council of the China Die & Mold Industry Association, the working conference for China's key mold manufacturers and exporters: the annual gathering of the top players in China's mold industry is scheduled to start on May 24 at Shanghai Hotel.
  • Precision Forming and Mold & Report on Technological Development: scheduled for the afternoon of May 24 at Shanghai Hotel, hosted by DMC, with six major topics for discussion: precision forging technology molds and equipment technology, lightweight and structural high polymer material forming techniques and molding technology, latest technological developments in precision piercing punches and dies for molds, design and manufacturing technology for polymer micro-forming molds, how to become an innovative platform-based manufacturer and application prospects for intelligent molding equipment systems in the coming Industry 4.0 era. Industry experts from the academic, manufacturing and research sides of the business will give in-depth presentations on the latest developments across the industry.
  • Haier Molds-Symposium on Openness, Innovation and Guidance: scheduled to be held on the morning of May 25 in conference room W2-M9, Shanghai New International Expo Center, jointly hosted by National Engineering Research Center for Home Appliance Molds and a leadership group led by the chairman of the DMC in tandem with Haier Mold. The symposium will consist of three sessions: Session 1 - Turning innovative ideas into innovative cloud design platforms; Session 2 - An era of creativity and innovation in the manufacturing process; Session 3 - The smart factory opens the door to customization of products down to the individual end-user.   
  • Additive Manufacturing Powers Mold Industry Innovation and Development Technology Summit: scheduled to take place on the morning of May 25 in conference room W3-M10, Shanghai New International Expo Center, co-organized by the Technology Committee of the China Die and Mold Industry Association and the Special Machining Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. Industry experts and academics from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Municipal Computing Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology and 3D System will engage in panel discussions and make presentations on a wide range of topics concerning the development of additive manufacturing technology and its application in mold manufacturing.       
  • China Die & Mold Industry Association Mold Standards Parts Committee Working Conference: scheduled to take place on the morning of May 26, 2015 in conference room W2-M2, Shanghai New International Expo Center, where the high quality labeling standards that the 13th Five-Year Plan has in store for the mold manufacturing industry and the products the molds produce will be discussed. In addition a presentation will be given on the Mold Standard Parts Committee's supplement to Business Report on Mold Standard Parts as well as on the planned relaunch of the website of the standards committee. The topics being discussed all touch on turning points for the industry. 
  • China Die & Mold Industry Association's New Standards for Vocational Training: scheduled to take place on the afternoon of May 26 in conference room W2-M2, Shanghai New International Expo Center. The China Die & Mold Industry Association in March 2015 published the results of its study of qualifications needed by both academe and industry (known as the "double set of teaching qualifications") to be an instructor in the field of mold making as well as the standards for what topics need to be covered in the classroom. With the extensive participation of colleges and businesses, the final version of the standards is close to being finished. This workshop is aimed at collecting opinions to further perfect and finalize the standards, which will promote the in-depth integration between colleges and businesses in terms of vocational education.
  • Internet Plus Mold-Creating Smart Mold CAD/CAM Integrated Innovative Platform: scheduled to take place in conference room W3-M4 on the afternoon of May 25, the discussion will focus on the increasingly popular intelligent mold manufacturing technology which will create a modern manufacturing ecosystem integrating mold manufacturing and the internet. 

In addition, a symposium on the measurement and application of resin pressure inside the injection plastic mold by Japan's Futaba Corporation as well as a technology market matching meeting between the automotive, mold making and mold manufacturing equipment industries hosted by the event organizers will be held during the exhibition. Concurrent events covering a wide variety of topics will be a crucial part of DMC 2015. Industry insiders are welcome to attend this event and to take advantage of the opportunities for networking as well as to keep up with what is going on in the industry by listening and participating in the debates, discussions and exchanges of ideas that are expected to take place during the exhibition!

Two new awards: Encouragement Award for World Debut Products and Encouragement Award for Asian Debut Products

DMC 2015 plans to hand out three awards this year, the Encouragement Award for World Debut Products, the Encouragement Award for Asian Debut Products and the Best Stand with Green Design. Many exhibitors have already submitted their world and Asian debut products to the organizing committee.

Candidates for the Encouragement Award for World Debut Products include Xi'an Nagashima Seiko's internal and external circular grinder with super-precision surface and Findersoft Technology Group's B9-ERP and C9-ERP; candidates for Encouragement Award for Asian Debut Products include Shanghai Jianze Machinery Technology's gantry machining center PARPAS ROLLER and Shanghai TeLue's TK Ultra-high Efficiency and Low Wire Consumption Series.

The organizing committee will hold press conferences during the exhibition announcing the winners in a move to further encourage exhibitors to showcase their debut products during this year's DMC. 

One hundred VVIPs have been specially invited for the exhibitors

The DMC 2015 organizing committee has extended special invitations to one hundred executives of the purchasing, R&D and mold manufacturing departments selected from the list of the World Top 500 Manufacturers. The committee reached out to the selected individuals early in the process to have time to cater to any special demands and to set up face-to-face meetings between the special invitees and exhibitors.

The 100 VVIPs are from Apple Global Procurement - Molds Purchasing, SSME Strategic Procurement and R&D Department, GE Shanghai R&D Center, Schneider Electric Business Unit and R&D Department, 3M Mold Department and R&D Center, Shanghai GM Auto Body Suppliers Quality Department, Volvo Cars R&D and Powertrain Department, Faurecia TC/CAD, Bosch (China) Procurement Department, SKF Procurement, Schaeffler Technical R&D Department, Honeywell Automotive Parts Services (Shanghai) Global Procurement Department, IAC (Shanghai) Auto Parts Procurement Department, Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Tooling Procurement Department. The organizing committee will give full support in facilitating communications between the exhibitors and the VVIPs to promote trade and technological exchanges. 

An unprecedented 6,000 professional buyers and industry insiders will attend the exhibition as members of visiting delegations

The DMC 2015 organizing committee will prioritize the scheduling of activities for members of visiting delegations and team them up with interested parties among the manufacturing clusters, industrial parks, user industry associations and large manufacturers in attendance. To date more than 6,000 individuals who are members of visiting delegations have registered to attend DMC 2015 and the number is still growing.

Among the delegations, 20 are user industry association groups from the automobile, auto parts, home appliance, electronics and medical equipment sectors and 15 are from major manufacturing groups including the National Auto Parts Import & Export Base, automobile and motorcycle, electronics, aviation and other industrial parks in the Yangtze River Delta region as well as 20 local mold associations.

Several universities will also take an active part in the exhibition. To date, 16 universities and colleges have registered for the exhibition. Several auto parts and electronics manufacturers have also applied online for the special treatment for group visitors. The organizing committee will provide preferred treatment to guests who are part of a visiting delegation and extend a warm welcome to manufacturers and industry associations who come as a group.    

Pre-register on your mobile phone through WeChat and get access to everything you need for your visit by downloading the app

DMC 2015 has simplified pre-registration as well as made every aspect of attendance at the event easy to navigate through its WeChat account and downloadable app. The organizing committee highly recommends visitors go to the official WeChat account (ID: DMC-EXPO) for rapid visitor pre-registration. Registrants only need to take a photo of their business card, removing the hassle of typing in names, phone numbers, addresses and other extraneous information.

Furthermore, the floorplan of the exhibition is available on the app making it easy for the visitor to locate the exhibitor booths of interest as well as to plan the itinerary within the expo space and the meeting schedule with other attendees and exhibitors.

A global marketing campaign has served to raise the visibility of DMC on the international stage 

DMC has now become the world's largest mold exhibition, with ever-increasing international stature. The organizing committee reached a strategic partnership with the Japan Forming Machinery Association (JFMA) this year for the first time whereby both groups will jointly issue marketing materials and share joint booths at both DMC and the Metal Forming & Fabricating Fair Tokyo (MF Toyko) as well as send visiting delegations to each other's event. The Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative (KODMIC) will also send a visiting delegation to DMC.

In addition, at the invitation of the DMC organizing committee, KODMIC will send a group of 40 Korean mold and equipment procurement executives to China to visit DMC as well as stamping and plastic mold factories in and around Shanghai.  

The first launch of the Overseas Buyer Project (OBP) turned out to be quite successful, with extensive reach into European and U.S.-based manufacturers as a result of an intensive marketing campaign. Many buyers from outside of China have signed up for the exhibition. Selected international buyers from the U.S., Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy and other countries have been provided a comprehensive travel and touring package during their visit to DMC 2015.

The organizing committee maintains partnership agreements with many chambers of commerce in Shanghai. The German Trade Office will mail information about DMC 2015 to the over 4,000 manufacturers in Germany and manufacturing operations in China that are Sino-German JVs or are funded by a German parent as well as organize a visiting delegation to the exhibition; the organizing committee will continue to keep its long established amicable cooperation with the Italian Trade Commission (ICE), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).  

The organizing committee of DMC 2015 sincerely appreciates the full support of previous exhibitors at the annual DMC and extends an invitation to all manufacturers and related industry associations in the mold making, machine tool, forming equipment, tools, software development and materials sectors to visit the DMC 2015 which will be held from May 25 to 28, 2015 in Shanghai.

Industry insiders from the auto parts, home appliance, electronics, medical equipment as well as the aeronautics and astronautics sectors are also warmly welcomed to visit the exhibition. The organizing committee of DMC 2015 is fully committed to creating an event that heralds the next chapter in the transformation of the industry. For more information, please visit the official website of the China Die & Mold Industry Association at

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