Dogs Eat the Darndest Things

Mar 29, 2012, 05:00 ET from Embrace Pet Insurance

NEW YORK, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Four-figure claims from pets consuming everything from illegal drugs to razor blades

Eating without limits causes some crazy claims from Embrace Pet Insurance. Embrace picked the top 5 strangest things pets have eaten and the associated claims costs from over a thousand accident claims received annually - the costs for pet ingestion claims range from the lowest being $32 and the highest being $3,000

Isabella, A Golden Retriever who became sick with THC intoxication, the active ingredient in marijuana was among the most expensive claims on the list.  She was not alone in her illegal substance ingestion, Daisy, a mixed breed dog cost her owner $553 after munching on marijuana cookies.

Despite dogs dominating this list, one feline friend, Sappho, a Russian Blue cat that ingested a portion of a bra strap also made it onto the list.

Laura Bennett CEO & Co-Founder of Embrace commented, "Pets are inevitably going to get up to devious escapades; most owners do their best to keep furry loved ones safe but this list just goes to show that the dangers and risks to our pet's health often go beyond the boundaries of our imagination. Thankfully all these pets were lucky to have lived to fight another day."

The following list details the top 5 craziest things pets ingested and how expensive each were to put right.

                                      Reason for
    Case      Pet Name  Breed         claim         Claim Amount
                        Golden        THC
    #1        Isabella  Retriever     intoxication  $1,475.50
                                      Razor from
    #2        Sasha     Samoyed       Stomach       $1,452.05
                                      Ingestion of
    #3        Peanut    Labrador      Marbles       $312.25
                        Bernese       Soft Toy
    #4        Regen     Mountain Dog  Ingestion     $156.86
                        Russian Blue  portion of
    #5        Sappho    cat           bra strap     $121.46

These claims show that there are risks all around a pet's environment. Inanimate objects aside, there are also dangers associated with poisoning. To help increase awareness of these dangers amongst pet owners Embrace recently launched a pet poison resource center on its website.  

The resource center breaks down poisonous substances into nine categories: human food, household chemicals, human medication, pet medication, animal toxins common poisonous plants, outdoors, malicious poisoning and other.  It also offers suggestions on ways pet owners can prevent poisonings and identify symptoms, as well as what they should do if they suspect their pet has been poisoned.

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