Dope Melody: Zumba® Fitness And Vanilla Ice 'Collaborate' To Create 'Ice Ice Baby Zumba® Remix' And Music Video

Vanilla Ice / Zumba® Fitness Music Video Launches Today Exclusively on

Aug 21, 2012, 10:33 ET from Zumba Fitness

MIAMI, Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Zumba® Fitness has teamed up with Vanilla Ice to create a dance remix of the early '90s party anthem "Ice Ice Baby," launched through the Zumba Fitness music promotional platform. Two decades after the song shot to the top of the charts, Zumba instructors and fans across the world will groove to a brand new invention: a Zumba-inspired version remixed with a fusion of new dance and house beats featuring Zumba choreography.

Zumba creator Beto teamed with Vanilla Ice to create a choreography-style music video launching today exclusively on, the online destination of the world's premier music brand. The "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix" also can be purchased on iTunes.

"Whether it's music, acting or renovating homes, I've got to love what I do if I'm going to really commit to it—passion is key," Vanilla Ice said of his partnership with the global phenomenon. "So when I learned 12 million people were committed to the dance party that is Zumba Fitness, I was on board. As a musician and someone who appreciates a good fitness program, there is nothing better than having fun and getting fit at the same time. Word to your mother!"

Vanilla Ice recently debuted the "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix" with a live performance before 8,000 Zumba instructors from around the world at the 2012 Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Fla. Those in attendance at the sold-out Fitness Concert danced to new choreography as Vanilla Ice took the stage with celebrity Zumba instructors.

"Ice Ice Baby' is such a recognizable song—it's difficult to find someone who doesn't want to dance along to it every time it comes on," said Sergio Minski, director of music for Zumba Fitness. "By teaming with Vanilla Ice, we're creating exciting new opportunities to further expand our music platform. And at the same time, we're giving our instructors a fun new addition that will even further amp up the party atmosphere in their classes."

Zumba—the global multimedia fitness leader and creator of the acclaimed Zumba® fitness-party—is rolling out the "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix" at fitness centers, dance studios, Beachfront Avenue and all venues that host Zumba classes for more than 12 million people across 125-plus countries.

Zumba Fitness operates an innovative music platform that enables artists to leverage its global network reaching 12 million students across more than 110,000 locations in live Zumba classes each and every week. In the last few years, Zumba Fitness has released more than 300 original songs featuring artists like Pitbull and Wyclef Jean, and has songs that are currently topping the Latin and fitness charts. The fitness brand has also released four top-selling albums: "Cardio Party," "Zumba Fitness Vibe Tribe," "Party Nation" and "Zumba Fitness Original Soundtrack."

For additional information or to find a live class, visit, and to download The "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix," click here.

The Zumba remix of "Ice Ice Baby" was produced by Beto Azout and Salo Sterental, with original vocals by Vanilla Ice.

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