Duggars to Return to Virginia to Get Out the Vote for Ken Cuccinelli

Nov 02, 2013, 17:37 ET from Family Research Council Action

RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Three weeks ago, Family Research Council Action (FRC Action) and the Duggar family of the hit TLC reality TV series "19 Kids and Counting" joined together for a Values Bus Tour across the Commonwealth of Virginia mobilizing voters in support of Ken Cuccinelli for governor, E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor and Mark Obenshain for attorney general.  

During the tour, Terry McAuliffe's campaign asked the family to "leave Virginia."  Michelle Duggar responded, "You go first" and the family continued the tour.  On Tuesday, Josh Duggar, the oldest of the 19 Duggar children, his wife, Anna and their three children will return to Virginia for final get out the vote efforts.  They will attend the GOP's election night watch party in Richmond.

Josh Duggar, FRC Action's Executive Director made the following comments:

"Ken Cuccinelli is the family values candidate in this race and the Duggar family is behind him 100 percent.  My family was incredulous when Terry McAuliffe asked us to leave the state simply because we are enthusiastic in our support for his opponent, Ken Cuccinelli.  As the values bus crisscrossed the state, many voters told us that McAuliffe's tactics don't sit well with them and is an example of the way he handles people who disagree with him.   Terry McAuliffe has a problem with admitting when he is wrong as shown by his continued support for the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare.

"Terry McAuliffe is great at trading political favors but that is not the kind governor that is needed. However, Ken Cuccinelli is a man of character who has a heart of gold and a backbone of steal.  FRC Action and the Duggar family wholeheartedly endorse him and will do all we can to get out the vote in the final hours of this race.  Please vote for Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson, and Mark Obenshain and then join us at the watch party," concluded Duggar.

Jim Bob Duggar, father of "19 kids and Counting" released the following statement:

"When our family was campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe asked our family to leave the state of Virginia. He made this request after I requested that he drop out of the race because he covered up his investment in an elaborate scheme to defraud many terminally ill AIDS patients and senior citizens.  Terry McAuliffe claims he made a contribution to the American Cancer Society but he has not repaid these families who should have received the death benefits.

"Terry McAuliffe also has long history of trading campaign contributions for political favors, like renting out the Lincoln bedroom. Even Bill Clinton stated at one time that he would not by a used car from Terry McAuliffe. If he wins the governor's race, he will use it to repay the twenty plus million dollars he has received from far left groups such as abortion giant Planned Parenthood," concluded Duggar.

Michelle Duggar went on to say, "Terry McAuliffe is placing fear in women and is manipulating them for his own political gain. Terry McAuliffe has extreme views, promoting abortion because he thinks the world is overpopulated, and using global warming to place fear in people that if they have a child they will increase their carbon footprint. Terry McAuliffe's far left views are too radical for Virginia."

SOURCE Family Research Council Action