Evolent Health Receives Validation from the Care Innovations Validation Institute

Mar 17, 2016, 15:00 ET from Evolent Health, Inc.

WASHINGTON, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Evolent Health announced that its Complex Care program, which focuses on high-risk chronic patients with extensive care management needs, has been validated by the Care Innovations Validation Institute, an organization that provides health care industry consumers with credible validation of population health outcomes.

Evolent Health partners with leading health systems to accelerate their transformation to value-based care. Providing clinical, analytical and financial capabilities in an integrated platform, Evolent supports health systems and physician groups in achieving superior quality outcomes while improving cost. Evolent worked with the Validation Institute to confirm the methodology used in a study that showed a statistically significant reduction in inpatient utilization and emergency department costs, resulting in overall cost avoidance in total medical and pharmacy spend for Medicare patients managed in Evolent's Complex Care program.

"Sound population health assessment methodologies are critical in building population health programs that will help patients actually better manage their health," said Karissa Price, Executive Director for the Validation Institute. "Through the Validation Institute, Care Innovations provides an unbiased, third-party evaluation to ensure an organization's assessment methodology is sound."

"We are thrilled that our methodology to evaluate the impact of our Complex Care program has been independently validated by a trusted and impartial third-party," said Frank Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Evolent. "The importance of effectively measuring population health outcomes cannot be overemphasized. To have confirmation that our care delivery model is capable of producing these kinds of results for our partners supports Evolent's goal to drive high value care and ultimately improve the collective health of populations nationwide."

Al Lewis, co-author of Cracking Health Costs and a leading critic of population health industry outcomes who provides peer review independent of the Validation Institute commented, "Validation by the Validation Institute confirms that Evolent's highly coordinated delivery system has delivered outcomes that so far are unmatched by any other vendor in this segment. Of over one thousand population health vendors, Evolent is one of only 23 to receive this distinction, and is the only one focused specifically on case management. I have deep respect for the Institute and am thrilled every time I see a company of Evolent's caliber receiving validation."

About the Care Innovations Validation Institute
The goal of the Care Innovations Validation Institute is to help organizations involved in population health – from health plans to employers to vendors – adhere to the highest standards of validity, allowing them to compete on the basis of integrity and performance rather than hyperbole.

The Validation Institute will impartially challenge the status quo of typical population health outcomes measurement, with the objective of impacting how the industry establishes its credibility. Visit http://www.validationinstitute.com to learn more.

About Evolent Health
Evolent Health partners with leading health systems to drive value-based care transformation. By providing clinical, analytical and financial capabilities, Evolent helps physicians and health systems achieve superior quality and cost results. Evolent's approach breaks down barriers, aligns incentives and powers a new model of care delivery resulting in meaningful alignment between providers, payers, physicians and patients. Learn more at www.evolenthealth.com.

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