Evolve Tattoo Removal Bridges The Gap Between Tattoo Removal And Cover-Ups With The Astanza Trinity Laser In San Diego

Aug 21, 2015, 13:00 ET from Astanza Laser

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolve Tattoo Removal is bringing a new approach to laser tattoo removal in San Diego, California with the Astanza Trinity. The specialty laser tattoo removal clinic wants to help clients with unwanted tattoos transform their old ink by removing it completely or fading it in preparation of a cover-up tattoo. Evolve Tattoo Removal has a special partnership with Guru Tattoo, San Diego's premier tattoo studio, and is committed to helping clients achieve their vision for their skin.

"Many people with unwanted tattoos still love ink – they may dislike a particular tattoo because it didn't turn out the way they wanted, but more often times than not, they still appreciate body art," said Holly Della Vedova, founder. "Evolve Tattoo Removal is all about transforming bad tattoos and evolving them into something better. Laser tattoo removal is the perfect solution for erasing or lightening bad tattoos in preparation for a new design. Our partnership with the gifted artists at Guru Tattoo and our versatile Astanza Trinity laser will give laser tattoo removal a new definition for the city of San Diego."

Evolve Tattoo Removal has invested in the groundbreaking, multi-wavelength Astanza Trinity laser for their clinic. The Trinity is a powerful laser combination system that produces three versatile wavelengths for complete tattoo removal on the most colorful tattoos. Unlike traditional lasers, the Astanza Trinity can effectively remove stubborn inks like bright blue and vivid green to completion. This advanced laser technology is specially engineered to shatter ink better and remove colorful tattoos in the fewest number of treatments possible.

"Guru Tattoo already has a worldwide reputation for their quality body art – they are at the cutting edge of what they do," said Ryan Lambert, founder of Astanza. "The Astanza Trinity also puts Evolve Tattoo Removal at the cutting edge of laser tattoo removal. Together, Guru Tattoo and Evolve Tattoo Removal will form one of the strongest, most successful partnerships in the aesthetic and tattoo industries."


Evolve Tattoo Removal is a specialty laser tattoo removal clinic that specializes in removing multicolored unwanted tattoos. They offer laser tattoo removal as a solution to unwanted tattoos or can fade ink in preparation for a cover-up. Their deep appreciation for tattoos and strong relationship with Guru Tattoo gives them a distinct advantage over other tattoo removal clinics in San Diego. All treatments are performed by highly trained medical professionals.

Evolve Tattoo Removal offers free consultations to all patients and attractive pricing packages to make sure each client's needs are met. For more information on tattoo removal and fading, visit www.EvolveTattooRemoval.com or call (619) 232-4264.


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