Explore Exotic Lands - Africa, Asia & India - With Virtuoso® Tuesday, April 3, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm PDT: Register Today!

Virtuoso Reveals Exclusive Promotions & Special Incentives for Exotic Escapes, While Showcasing 20 World's-Best Travel Companies at Its Virtual Travel Show

Mar 30, 2012, 18:10 ET from Virtuoso

NEW YORK, March 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Virtuoso®, the global travel agency network renowned for creating exceptional experiences, invites those passionate about travel to explore distant lands that undoubtedly sit on everyone's wish-list:  Africa, Asia and India.  Tuesday, April 3, 10:00 am3:00 pm PDT, marks Virtuoso's first-ever Virtual Travel Show dedicated to these incredible destinations. Virtuoso is offering a rare glimpse into its exclusive network by opening up participation to all. Anyone wanting access to the valuable promotions revealed during the show, or to learn more about traveling to these areas, can be placed with a Virtuoso advisor for additional discussion and collaboration.

Attendees will have an opportunity to mingle online with 20 of the best travel companies, all of which offer products or services in these regions, as well as Virtuoso's renowned travel advisors – everything one needs to plan the perfect exotic getaway. Highlighted destinations include countries such as South Africa and Kenya, teeming with exotic wildlife and natural beauty, as well as cultural treasures like India and Asia. These areas serve as sought-after locales for couples, families, singles, baby boomers and business travelers alike.

Virtuoso's Virtual Travel Show allows attendees to access invaluable travel information from the convenience of their own homes or anywhere with Internet connectivity. Would-be travelers can visit online exhibits and engage in question-and-answer sessions with upscale cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, on-site ground operators, airlines and tourism boards representing these prime locations. Exclusive travel incentives will be revealed during the show, and attendees will be eligible to win prizes and cash incentives.

"Whether new to the Virtuoso network or an established client, consumers will find value in the information exchange with some of the world's most renowned travel companies, as well as access to some of the best travel advisors in the industry," says Kristi Jones, President and COO of Virtuoso. "What separates this experience from a typical Web search is that it's interactive rather than one-sided. Everything has been vetted by Virtuoso; there's no clutter of unwanted material or concern that a product has been misrepresented. Participants will come away from it better informed and inspired to see the world."

The specifics for Virtuoso's Exotic Lands Virtual Travel Show:

  • The show will take place on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, from 1:00p.m.6:00p.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. PDT
  • Attendees are asked to register in advance at www.virtuoso.com. Virtuoso is currently waiving the registration fee.  Attendees will be eligible for cash cards, prizes, travel vouchers and exclusive offers.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions for travel to Africa, India and Asia are available via Virtuoso's online Exotic Lands Destination Guide.
  • Technical requirements include a computer with internet access. High-speed Internet (Cable, DSL, Network) and computers running Windows PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 minimum or Firefox x 3.6, or a Mac with Firefox 3.6 or Safari 4.x or higher, will provide the best quality. The basic functionality is similar to visiting any website and playing a video with sound. No need for a phone, as sound will play through the computer.

Although the live interaction portion of the show takes place on April 3 only, consumers can access all special promotions and information on any of the participating travel providers throughout the month of April. For more information, visit www.virtuoso.com.

SOURCE Virtuoso