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Mar 22, 2013, 03:00 ET from The Body Shop

LONDON, March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Make 2013 all about you and your skin. Following the excesses of the festive season and the accompanying parties, it's only natural that skin would look a little dull and lifeless. Not to worry though, this is the perfect time to put together a comprehensive new skin routine that will keep you feeling fresh-faced for the year ahead.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise

We hear it so often that it becomes easy to dismiss, but these three steps form the basis of any comprehensive skin routine, helping to prevent blemishes and reduce the signs of ageing.


Cleansing is important for the removal of make up or bacteria that may have built up throughout the day. A good cleanser will give your skin a really thorough clean, and provides a fresh base for the rest of the skincare routine. Cleansers come in a number of different forms including foam, lotion and facial cleansing wipes for use on the move.


The toning process is easily forgotten, but it's great for refreshing and toning the skin. Toners work by tightening the pores and can also protect skin from the damaging effects of harsh weather conditions - particularly important in the cold depths of January and February. Try to choose a cleanser with added benefits for your particular skin type. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin from free radicals, and Aloe helps to build the skin's natural defence against such aggressive weather conditions.


After using toner, remember to moisturise. Moisturiser protects the skin by locking in natural moisture, which is vital in the fight against the signs of ageing. A good quality face moisturiser will help to hydrate all skin types. Despite popular belief, people with oily skin types should still moisturise. During the day choose a dedicated moisturiser which is usually lighter in texture and often 'carries' environmental protectors such as antioxidants and SPFs. Complement your day cream with a night cream to aid the restoring and renewing processes of your skin while you sleep.

Going the extra mile

If you want to make yourself feel fabulous in 2013, you may want to go that little bit further. Using a serum before you moisturise is a way of boosting hydration and making your skin feel even smoother, providing a great base for your make up.


About The Body Shop

The Body Shop International plc is the original, naturally-inspired and ethical beauty brand, with over 2,700 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. The Body Shop seeks out natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to deliver products bursting with effectiveness, to enhance your natural beauty. By striving to use the planet's resources wisely, The Body Shop searches for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in its range of products. The Body Shop is proud to have been the first beauty brand to have brought the benefits of fair trade to the beauty industry through its own unique Community Fair Trade programme, to have introduced 100% recycled packaging, and to raise funds and awareness on key issues of the day, including the sex trafficking of the most vulnerable in our society, children and young people.

The Body Shop has received the recognition of organisations including the British RSPCA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, having been proudly awarded the prestigious RSPCA 'Lifetime Achievement Award 2009', "in recognition of the significant contribution the company has made in helping to achieve a ban on animal testing and in particular the work carried out by its late founder Dame Anita Roddick". In addition The Body Shop is pleased its products continue to win illustrious awards and accolades internationally. The brand continues to be cited as an "ethical" and "green brand".


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