Five Tips to Make Neighborhood Lemonade Stands Stand Out This Summer

A Hint of Personality and a Pour of International Delight Iced Coffee® Add Flair to Favorite Summertime Activity

Jun 18, 2013, 08:00 ET from International Delight

BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For children, summer vacation means lazy days and outdoor fun. For parents, summertime can mean a challenge to keep kids learning, having fun – and away from the TV. International Delight Iced Coffee has teamed up with creative designer, lifestyle blogger and mother-of-two, Kim Stoegbauer from, to create an easy solution – a "refreshing" take on lemonade stands that include a simple kit that helps kids create a stand-out neighborhood attraction.

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"Lemonade stands give parents an opportunity to teach children about earning money, building community and expressing creativity," said Stoegbauer. "By using my simple starter kit and focusing on my five tips like adding refreshing beverages for adults, such as iced coffee, parents can teach valuable lessons and keep the kids entertained."

Stoegbauer's top five lemonade stand tips for parents are as follows:

  1. Donate: Donate the proceeds to a local cause. Or encourage people to pay it forward and buy a cup for a fellow neighbor, the local postal worker, or dog walker! Advertise this on the booth using large signs and have brochures about the local cause available to hand out to customers.
  2. Just add Iced Coffee: Expand the offerings to include other beverages like refreshing iced coffee to appeal to parents. While kids enjoy sweet lemonade, parents can sip International Delight Iced Coffee, which offers a variety of authentic coffeehouse flavors and light options for an ice cold pick-me-up that suits every taste. The multi-serve half gallon is a great starter size for a lemonade booth. Of course, the iced coffee is just for the adults, and not for the kids, so make sure nobody sneaks a sip!  Take a photo of your stand-out lemonade stand and post it on social channels, such as Instagram or Twitter, with the tag @indelight #IcedCoffeeLove or check out photos on Pinterest.
  3. Promote: Build a marketing campaign for the booth, a great way to meet the neighbors! Your children can create signs to advertise the booth at corners around the neighborhood, directing traffic to the stand. Tell your friends on your private Facebook page or through a text message or email.
  4. Timing and location are critical: Encourage kids to research events coming up that would have good foot traffic moving past their lemonade stand. For example fairs, baseball games, street festivals and outdoor concerts are great options for good sales.
  5. Incentivize: Create incentive programs to keep children interested in their business throughout the summer. If they choose to donate the earnings, plan a special trip to the organization to drop off the check. Or if they are saving up to purchase something special, establish a "Money Earned" chart showing how close they are to their goal.

"The kit also includes printable decorative elements and tools to help kids run the stand, like a drink calculator to help determine how many drinks need to be made. I also like to personalize the lemonade stand with my kids and encourage them to use their creativity to make decorations," says Stoegbauer.

International Delight Iced Coffee comes in both original and light versions, available in popular coffeehouse flavors such as sweet and creamy Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla and Original. All are made with 100% cold-brewed, premium Arabica coffee.

"We know how important it is to celebrate summer by participating in entertaining and sometimes educational activities with your family, which is why we partnered with Kim to share tips on how to spruce up lemonade stands with iced coffee for adults," said Erik Carlson, Brand Manager at International Delight. "International Delight Iced Coffee is a sweet and creamy, refreshing pick-me-up, making it a perfect addition to a lemonade stand."

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