Flying Homes Launches a New Guide to the Process of Selling a Home

Jan 21, 2014, 08:51 ET from Flying Homes Ltd

BARNSLEY, England, January 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Property specialist Flying Homes has announced the launch of a detailed guide to selling properties in the UK. 'A Guide to the Different Stages of Selling Your Home' is an in-depth look into every aspect of selling a home, and it is aimed at homeowners who may be daunted by the prospect of tackling the UK property market.

As well as the overview of the property market delivered by this resource, Flying Homes has also announced that a further six guides are to follow, which will expand on the key points outlined in their initial guide.

Scott Simpson of Flying Homes is excited about providing homeowners across the UK with such a valuable resource, and he hopes that it will give people the confidence to take charge of the process and reduce the stress it can cause.

"This is a comprehensive guide to selling property, and I believe it will dispel a few myths that surround the property market in Britain. With some careful preparation, advanced planning and the right guidance from the professionals, homeowners can take control of their own sale. This resource is intended to give people the knowledge and know-how to make that happen."

'A Guide to the Different Stages of Selling Your Home' identifies six key stages of the house selling process, and the following six guides will give homeowners a more detailed understanding of what is involved:

  • 'Preparing Your Property for Sale'
  • 'Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale'
  • 'Deciding Who Will Sell Your Property'
  • Making Your Home Appealing to Prospective Buyers'
  • Negotiating the Legal Aspects of a Property Sale'
  • 'How to Prepare for Moving Day'

This comprehensive guide to the property market allows homeowners to prepare and plan for a smooth property sale. Based on the real experiences of Flying Homes and its clients, it could be an invaluable resource for people selling a house for the very first time.

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Flying Homes is based in the English town of Barnsley in Yorkshire, but it is a property specialist that serves the entire UK. The service provided by Flying Homes allows people to sell their home quickly without the need to negotiate the notoriously volatile open property market. Flying Homes has relationships with cash buyers and property investors who are prepared to buy a home quickly and for a fair price.


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