FRC Action's New Super PAC Launches Radio Ad Campaign In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Mar 29, 2011, 11:59 ET from FRC Action

"Justice David Prosser has the experience Wisconsin needs in these turbulent times," Faith Family Freedom Fund ad says.

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Faith Family Freedom Fund, a political action committee associated with Family Research Council Action, launched a radio ad campaign today supporting Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in his reelection campaign for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. The ad will run on 34 radio stations across Wisconsin between now and Election Day, April 5.

Justice Prosser is running against Joanne Kloppenburg, who has the support of labor unions and liberal groups hoping to use the Supreme Court to strike down legislation passed by the Wisconsin legislature and signed by the governor.

"Union bosses want to use the Wisconsin Supreme Court to advance their liberal agenda and also recall any elected official who stands in their way. Faith Family Freedom Fund will advocate for these duly elected officials and work to protect the courts from judicial activism," said Connie Mackey, chairwoman of the Faith Family Freedom Fund.

The ad script follows:

"What is happening in this Supreme Court election is outrageous. Liberal special interests want to turn this election into a referendum on the governor. But what's really at stake is what kind of Justice should be on the Wisconsin or any Supreme Court?

"Joanne Kloppenburg does not have the experience. Liberals see her as their best hope to advance their political agenda and strike down laws passed by a legislature and governor elected by the people. Justice David Prosser has the experience that Wisconsin needs in these turbulent times. His experience and qualifications aren't matched by his opponent.

"He believes in judicial restraint and deserves another term on the Supreme Court. A vote for Prosser is a vote to keep politics out of the Supreme Court. Send a message on Election DayApril 5th. Vote for Judicial Restraint. Vote for Justice David Prosser."

The radio ad will run from Tuesday, March 29, until Election Day, Tuesday, April 5, 2011. The radio ad can be heard online here:

Go to for more information on FRC Action's new Super PAC or contact the press office at (866) 372-6397.