FrontStream Announces the Launch of a New Sponsorship Request Management Product

Feb 17, 2016, 08:00 ET from FrontStream

RESTON, Va., Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- FrontStream Inc., a leading provider of integrated philanthropy solutions for nonprofits and corporations has expanded its AIRS product to now include a new Sponsorship Request Management product. The sponsorship management system offers a robust set of sponsorship management functionality in a streamlined and easy to use system.

The Sponsorship Request Management platform enables corporations to create online sponsorship request forms that can be customized for a wide range of sponsorship request types. The administrator can easily create these forms online and has access to a full reporting module with dashboards and reports for complete insight into their sponsorship program.

Businesses can manage all of their sponsorship requests and philanthropic giving online utilizing this system. With the sponsorship request platform companies can streamline their sponsorship request process with the following:

  • Build a branded sponsor request page with custom content
  • Add marketing or segmentation questions to a sponsor request page
  • Turn sponsorship requesters into customers
  • Easily manage their charitable giving budget
  • Access comprehensive reports and console with dashboards

This sponsor management system allows nonprofits to visit a business's custom sponsorship request page and easily make a request for sponsorship. To submit sponsorship requests, nonprofits and other requesters simply:

  • Fill in a form with their contact information
  • Answer questions about the specifics of their request
  • Specify the deadline for a decision and receipt of goods

FrontStream's sponsorship request platform is an asset to all businesses regardless of size or volume of requests. Pricing is available to accommodate businesses of every size from a single store establishment to Fortune 1000 companies. This easy to use system is a fit for every company receiving requests for sponsorship. FrontStream also offers businesses an equally easy to use and streamlined system to manage in-kind donation requests with the AIRS platform, which can be used independently from or in combination with the sponsorship request platform.

"This Sponsorship Management product offers a unique combination of robust functionality, ease of use and reasonable pricing that makes this product a valuable addition to any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort." said Mark Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer of FrontStream.

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Mark Sutton
Chief Revenue Officer

SOURCE FrontStream