Frost & Sullivan Presented "Growth Excellence Award in Embedded Navigation Market (China)" to eMapgo at the 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership Summit

Nov 24, 2015, 06:06 ET from Frost & Sullivan

SHANGHAI, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its research & analysis on China's OEM in-car navigation market, and its studies and evaluations on China's major on-board navigation products in the industry, Frost & Sullivan, a distinguished global growth consulting company, presented "Growth Excellence Award in Embedded Navigation Market (China)" to eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. at the 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership Summit. Mr. Aroop Zutshi, President and managing partner of Frost & Sullivan, presented this award to Mr. Dongsheng Peng, CFO of eMapgo. This honor recognizes eMapgo's great achievements in rapid rise of market shares in China's OEM in-car navigation market, in gaining technology advantages, and in contributions to the development of the industry.

Benefiting from incentive policies to China's automotive industry constantly released by the Central & Local governments, China has overtaken the United States and become the largest automobile production country in the world since 2009. In 2014, the total units of vehicles produced in China was twice as many as that produced by the United States which was ranked No. 2 in automobile production, and exceeded half of the total units produced together by those countries ranked from No. 2 to No. 10. Though the market in large cities was affected by the global financial crisis, the market of smaller cities and rural areas still has great potential for growth. As big data, cloud computing, and mobile internet develop, some of navigation suppliers have established cooperation with large internet companies and shifted their businesses from traditional navigation market to consumer market, while the others have stuck to provide high quality products and services to automotive customers by applying big data to product development and innovation.

Headquartered in Beijing, eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was founded in 1997. It is one of the earliest navigable digital mapping companies in China and obtained Class-A qualification certificates for surveying and mapping, geographic information systems engineering and internet map services. Aimed at the rapid development of domestic vehicles market, eMapgo had extended its map coverage to village road networks in 2010, becoming the first Chinese mapping company that covers village road networks and making it have the largest drivable road networks in the industry. Over the years, eMapgo has provided navigable digital map data for in-dash navigation systems to over 40 international and domestic automobile manufacturers for over 100 car models in China. eMapgo's market share in China's OEM in-car navigation market has increased rapidly since the fourth quarter of 2014 and now is one of three major OEM map suppliers in terms of shipment of OEM map data in China, with a market share between 20-25%.

China's automotive market has entered a new development phase in 2015. Some car makers have run into overcapacity problems and tried to find solutions by adopting new business models. Responding to the government's "Internet Plus" strategy, some large Internet companies have established cooperation with car makers for producing Internet-enabled cars and even driverless cars. This will increase the demands and requirements for map data and generate the need for highly accurate map data and rapid data update services. Benefitting from the development of intelligent transportation and smart cities that are supported by the government, China's OEM in-car navigation market is entering into a new phase of rapid development.

As the emerging navigation market outside of major cities develops, eMapgo has firstly extended its map service to rural areas and gained its OEM business with domestic brand car makers. It has continuously enhanced customers' satisfaction by providing innovative products to the market, such as photo realistic junction views and real 3D navigation maps. After making a success in the domestic brand OEM market, eMapgo is now beginning to win international brand's OEM business.

Frost & Sullivan's "Growth Excellence Award in Embedded Navigation Market (China)" is a recognition for enterprises' remarkable achievements in leadership, technology innovation and product advantages. eMapgo is increasingly prominent in China's OEM in-car navigation market with its excellent product performance, advanced core technology and rich industry experience. After strict review process on four key criterions such asmarket position, growth potential, product features and competitive advantages, Frost & Sullivan presented "Growth Excellence Award in Embedded Navigation Market (China)" in 2015 to eMapgo.

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