Gardner, Kansas Resident Honored with VITA™ Wireless Samaritan Award

Jul 24, 2012, 12:04 ET from CTIA-The Wireless Foundation

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Wireless Foundation and CTIA-The Wireless Association® honored Clarence Williams of Gardner, Kansas with a VITA™ Wireless Samaritan Award at the 18th Annual Achievement Awards dinner July 23. After witnessing a car accident, Williams used his cellphone to give detailed information to dispatchers that helped save the life of a mother and her unborn daughter. 


While on his normal pre-dawn commute to work, Williams witnessed a car slam into the back of a tractor-trailer, removing its roof and driver's door as it careened off the road and launched debris in the air. After swerving to miss the wreckage on the road, Williams pulled his car over to use his cellphone to call 911 and give dispatchers the location. While he was examining the vehicle, Williams discovered a pregnant woman bleeding and unconscious in her damaged car. Williams informed the dispatchers of the situation and stayed with the woman until emergency personnel arrived to transport her to a hospital where she delivered her daughter. Due to the severity of her injuries, the mother slipped into a coma for nearly one month, but is now on the road to recovery.

"Clarence went above and beyond by staying with the woman until the first responders arrived and served as a calming voice when she was under significant distress. He also provided emergency responders with the information needed so they could help save the lives of her and, at the time, her unborn daughter. I'm proud to present him with a VITA Wireless Samaritan Award," said Steve Largent, President of The Wireless Foundation and President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

VITA Wireless Samaritan Awards are presented annually to recipients who put safety first and use wireless to help others in need. With more than 400,000 wireless phone calls made to 911 every day, the awards also reinforce the crucial role wireless technology plays in emergencies. The Wireless Foundation and CTIA-The Wireless Association selected Williams and eight other VITA Wireless Samaritan Award recipients from across the nation for their use of wireless technology to save lives, stop crime and help in other emergency situations.

CTIA-The Wireless Foundation ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to developing and supporting initiatives that use wireless technology to help American communities. The Foundation's innovative programs benefit consumers in areas such as education, healthcare, safety and the environment. As part of its Annual Achievement Awards, the Foundation recognizes VITA™ Wireless Samaritans and honors the best of our nation's leadership, its youth and its scholars. The Foundation was formed by CTIA-The Wireless Association® member companies in 1991.

SOURCE CTIA-The Wireless Foundation