Grasp Technologies, Inc. Increases Revenue 42%: New Reporting Solution to Roll Out in January 2011

Oct 28, 2010, 13:30 ET from Grasp Technologies

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Grasp Technologies increased revenue more than 42% in 2010 over 2009. In addition, they have grown their customer-base by 24% over 2009, and predict that by year-end they will have reached or exceeded 30%.

Their continued growth is strongly connected to their unique service model and intuitive products. Grasp clients save time and frustration, and enjoy a better overall value than what is currently offered in the market. Both newcomers and loyal Grasp clients have their new solutions up and running in just a few hours, rather than the typical few days or even weeks.

"One major factor in our rapid increase in customers is simply happy clients and organizations that refer others to us," explained Dave Lukas, Vice President of Sales and Development. "We are growing exponentially because our customers are our partners – they have a say in the solutions that we customize for them, they know we are always available to share our knowledge and expertise and they believe in what we do. Our customers can't help but share their experience with others because for them, Grasp is the total solution, whether they are using the full suite of products or are simply receiving consultation and advice from our experts."

New Grasp Data Report Builder

Grasp also has a new technology solution that is currently in beta and is set to roll-out in January 2011. The product is a report builder that functions as an add-on module to Grasp Data. As of now, several users in the test group are referring new customers to Grasp to be added to the waiting list for this report builder. More detail on this product will be made available closer to the launch date in January.

"It had always been business as usual in the travel industry until the economy forced the industry to re-evaluate where the most spending occurred," said Erik Mueller, President and CEO of Grasp. "Grasp products deliver great value, helping travel agencies and ultimately the businesses and travelers themselves, do more for less money. In addition, we are the only data provider that has the ability to synchronize all data, and not just corporate travel data."

Grasp projects that in 2011, they will double the size of the company, complete with new products rolling out and plans to increase sales and support staff.

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Grasp Technologies is a wizard at helping companies worldwide know the unknowable by creating custom solutions that help them quickly adapt to constantly changing business climate and customer needs. With more than six core products and an arsenal of custom solutions, GRASP is a leading provider of data technology for the travel industry and other industries throughout the world. Erik Mueller, founder and CEO of Grasp, often says that "There is nothing we cannot do with data!" Founded in 1996, Grasp provides unmatched customer service and serves as an ongoing source of knowledge and expertise for both customers and anyone in need of data and technology support.

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