Groundbreaking Update of be-on-road App to Change Standards of Navigation Apps Powered by OpenStreetMaps

be-on-road with native Android Design, Realistic 3D Maps and DashCam

Aug 31, 2015, 09:00 ET from be-on-road

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With a new update to its GPS Navigation app, be-on-road has enabled drivers to provide essential evidence on the occasion of a road rage incident. The new version of be-on-road is the first navigation app in the world powered by OpenStreetMaps to provide realistic 3D maps in a native Android interface. The app is available on Google Play absolutely free of charge.

Starting today, users of be-on-road navigation can enjoy full-featured navigation based on OpenStreetMaps with beautiful design with realistic 3D maps and new premium features.

The new version of the app offers DashCam, which is becoming one of the most important car accessories. Road rage, the overtaking of trucks and wild animal crossings are but a few of the unexpected issues that can cause a disastrous crash on the road. Dash cam technology is one of the most dependable aids in pinpointing the perpetrators of vehicular accidents and the most reliable in providing evidence.

Using DashCam is straightforward: drivers can activate the feature with a single touch from the app's menu, place their smartphone on a car mount and start driving. The application will automatically begin recording a continuous loop with embedded GPS coordinates, current speed, time and date.

Another new premium feature of be-on-road, called TravelBook, allows users to keep track of their drives by logging journey time, duration, distance, speed, and accumulated height statistics.

Unlike other map services, map data for be-on-road navigation is stored on the user's phone instead of streamed from the Internet. Users of be-on-road don't need to worry about getting lost in areas with poor reception or running up against their cellular data caps while using GPS navigation.

New features in be-on-road:

  • New High Quality Voices Including TTS
  • Sharp Curve Warnings with Recommended Speed
  • Railway Crossings Alerts
  • Upcoming Speed Limits
  • Alternate Routes
  • 3D maps
  • New Search Bar
  • Native Android Interface

New premium features (no additional costs for premium users):

  • DashCam
  • TravelBook
  • Photo Navigation

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