Half-Day Workshop to Give Area PR Professionals Hands-on Opportunities to Hone Skills With the Latest Technology

Oct 22, 2010, 14:21 ET from PRSA-St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Public relations professionals and other communicators can refine their techniques using technology as a communications tool or learn new skills at PRSA-St. Louis' "PR Tech Day," Friday, Nov. 5, at Maryville University.  Individuals can receive small group instruction and hands-on learning during three afternoon sessions focused on social media, blogging and technology in the PR industry.  Speakers include: college professors, local experts and PR Newswire's Global Director of Emerging Media, Michael Pranikoff.  The half-day seminar is sponsored by PR Newswire and Maryville University.

Cost:  $50 for PRSA-St. Louis members, $60 for non-members and $30 for students.  For an online description of classes and leaders and to register see: http://www.prsastlouis.org/PRTechnologyDay.aspx.

The schedule and presenters.

Registration 12:30 – 1:00 p.m.  

SESSION I – 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

"The Back End of Blogs"

Ed Mayuga, AMM Communications /Dr. John Fahnestock, Maryville University

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of blogging. Learn how to set up a blog, which blog platform will suit your organization's needs, and the pros and cons of hosting a blog on your website.

"Leveraging Your Brand in a Digital World"

Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire

Learn social media strategy and execution from a nationally recognized leader. Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media for PR Newswire will walk you through the development of a social media strategy and the next steps that will make your strategy a reality and your brand a social media success.

"How to Use Google Reader and Analytics"

Dr. Rebecca Dohrman, Maryville University

Google Reader and Google Analytics are two free and very useful tools that can help your bottom line. Together, these tools can keep you on top of the latest news and trends, and informed about the effectiveness of your company's website. Learn how to utilize each to streamline your day and demonstrate your return on investment.

SESSION II – 2:10-3:10 p.m.

"Video Production on a Shoestring Budget"

Dr. John Fahnestock, Maryville University

Everyone knows that video is a great way to get your message out, but few have the resources to do it and do it well. Discover some basic concepts to produce videos for your organization that make an impact without breaking the bank.

"What Techniques Can Be Used to Monitor Social Media and Measure its Effectiveness for Managing Brand Reputation"

Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire

Once you have a strategy and tactics for using social media in place, there is nothing more important than measuring your success. Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media for PR Newswire will show you how to find the information you need to discover if your hard work in social media is paying off.

"Blogger Relations"

Todd Jordan, Covidien & St. Louis Bloggers Guild

Bloggers are becoming increasingly important influencers for consumers all over the world. Maintaining good blogger relations can be critical to keeping your brand top of mind with consumers. Find out what tactics and strategies can help you excel at blogger relations.

SESSION III – 3:20 – 4:20 p.m.

"Using Advanced Features of Facebook and Twitter"

Ed Mayuga, AMM Communications / Dr. John Fahnestock, Maryville University

So you have wall posts, tweeting and posting photos down, but do you know ALL that Facebook and Twitter have to offer? This session will cover some of these less-known features, which can really help you get ahead of the social media curve.

"Leveraging Video in Campaigns"

Angie Lawing, Mercury Labs

Capitalize on the unique experience motion and sound offer to demonstrate your brand, why you exist and what you do. Learn ways to implement video as part of a marketing/communications strategy. Want video to drive online traffic, communicate internal initiatives, build trade show buzz, increase social media presence, or expose brand to various audiences? You'll walk away with plenty of ideas and examples on using video to connect with your target audience to tell your story.

"How to Manage Your Email Strategically"

Dr. Leilani Carter, Maryville University

Nearly all of us are bombarded with emails every day. Keeping the important ones in a place where you can act on them is a critical part of succeeding in today's office environment. Discover new strategies to manage your email so you can find what you need faster without digging through all the clutter.

RECEPTION – 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

The St. Louis chapter of the Public Relations Society of America has nearly 300 members from both sides of the Mississippi River, representing numerous businesses and organizations.