Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) Division Marijuana, Inc. Announces Medical Grow Tour

Sep 06, 2012, 00:21 ET from HEMP, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hemp, Inc.'s (OTC: HEMP)  division, Marijuana, Inc. in association with Redemption Productions is proud to announce the launch of the Medical Grow Tour (http://medicalgrowtour.com) in Portland, Oregon on December 1 and 2, 2012. The venue will be announced later this month. Medical Grow Tour events are designed to enable individual medical marijuana patients to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to grow the best medicine possible, as their state allows. www.medicalgrowtour.com

During these times of uncertainty for legitimate medical marijuana access points to be able to safely provide medicine for qualified patients, the need for individuals to grow their own medicine has increased expeditiously. Medical Grow Tour features top industry professionals and includes rich visual presentations so students are able to easily understand the information given. Classes cover room and soil preparation, plant propagation, natural pest remedies, nutrients, harvest, trim techniques, analytics and more.

Hemp, Inc CEO Bruce Perlowin stated, "We are pleased to partner with Redemption Productions to bring this important information to state recognized medical marijuana patients. There are medical marijuana initiatives on the ballots in some 13 states this November, and following the media's portrayal of a tumultuous experience in California, it's likely that some of these new "medical" states will allow patients to cultivate a reasonable amount of plants as their legal means of access to medical marijuana."

"The Medical Grow Tour will help patients everywhere optimize their efforts to produce safe and effective medicine", President David Tobias continued, " in Los Angeles, the city council recently voted unanimously to allow individual patients to grow their own medicine as an alternative to dispensaries. We feel that the timing is right for the Medical Grow Tour and we look forward to once again participating in a seminar format after considerable past production experience in California including  intimate seminars in Ukiah, followed by events in the Los Angeles and San Diego Convention Centers where gratifyingly, a good time was had by all."

Stephanie Bishop, Event Manager of Redemption Productions, whose extensive event management experience includes multiple years as vendor coordinator for Seattle Hempfest and other major industry events said, "We have commitments from preliminary sponsors and presenters including best-selling author Ed Rosenthal as the headline instructor. Ed is an authority on growing and has written some of the best known books on marijuana cultivation including "Marijuana Growers Handbook" which is currently being used as the official textbook for Oaksterdam University students. Ed Rosenthal's curriculum can be viewed at http://edrosenthal.com/.

Courses will cover the five main factors of cultivation; light, nutrients, water, temperature and environment, with further coverage of phases of plant growth and harvest techniques. Students will receive a swag hemp bag with promotional items, samples, special offers, and information on products and services available to help ensure the successful harvest of high quality organic, contaminant free medicine.

Classes are limited in size, ranging from 250 to 350 spaces available so that students can interact with instructors in an intimate environment. Students will be able to ask questions, allowing new growers to fully understand the information and enable more advanced growers to affirm that their current growing techniques are up to industry standards.

Visit the Medical Grow Tour booth at the HempStalk Festival in Portland, Oregon on September 8 & 9, 2012 www.hempstalk.org/festival

Medical Grow Tour comes to Portland Oregon, Dec 1 and 2. Featuring Ed  Rosenthal and other industry experts. Venue will be announced this month.


For tickets or marketing and sponsorship package inquiries, visit www.medicalgrowtour.com or www.marijuanaincorporated.com

Stephanie Bishop, Event Manager  (425) 354-0602


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