inMarket Quantum Receptivity Hypertargets Shoppers Precisely Before they Shop; Skips Consumers Who Aren't Interested

For the first time, marketers can personalize and time their messages based on individual buying cycles

Nov 09, 2015, 18:10 ET from inMarket

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- inMarket, the world's largest beacon proximity and location intelligence platform, today announces Quantum Receptivity -- the first product for digital advertising that predicts when consumers are "due" for their next store visit and most receptive to brand messaging. Quantum Receptivity uses beacon-level brick and mortar store visit data to reach consumers across mobile, digital and video channels.

Leveraging the inMarket proximity platform, Quantum Receptivity measures the shopping cycles for tens of millions of opted-in shoppers across categories such as grocery, entertainment, discount and auto, and determines when consumers have the highest proclivity to respond (i.e., when they are due for their next trip). Quantum Receptivity also skips over shoppers when they're least receptive (i.e., after a shopping trip), creating a more efficient marketing spend for partners and a better experience for shoppers.

"Conventional targeting is demographic rich, but completely blind as to whether the audience is in a receptive mindset," said Todd Dipaola, CEO, inMarket. "We're enhancing mobile advertising by reaching people when brand messages matter -- and pausing ads for folks who aren't in a relevant mindset. This creates a better experience for consumers, and a more efficient spend for the advertiser. Quantum Receptivity adds the element of timing to the hypertargeting mix that can only be created from inMarket's reach and the freshest, most accurate shopping location data in the world."

Quantum Receptivity has been in private beta for over a year and proven its ability to drive incremental trips for retailers and sales for brands. In beta testing, retargeting at the right moments based on offline shopping behavior translated to an 8% increase in store trips over the control group, and a 14% increase in dollars spent per trip.

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inMarket is the world's largest beacon proximity and location intelligence platform, reaching over 36MM shoppers via top shopping apps in every major retail location. Since 2010, inMarket's proximity platform has driven millions of purchases in brick-and-mortar stores, influencing over $300BN in annual sales. Over 100 brands have leveraged inMarket to engage prospective customers at their most receptive moments, resulting in verified sales lift. For more information, please visit 



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