Instagram Star Admits to Gaining Weight & Talks about 'Getting Fat'

YouTube Celebrity Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of FullyRaw by Kristina admits to gaining weight and speaks about her fat gain - Video goes viral.

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HOUSTON, Dec. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, known online as FullyRaw Kristina ( ( talks about her weight gain publicly to her audience of nearly 700,000 viewers. Kristina, 28 years old and a health "guru/inspiration" to many, admits to being "FAT," but takes a stance on the reality of online body shaming, eating healthy, and how this has transformed her life.

She states, "AM I GETTING FAT?! Lately, I have been publicly shamed for my body, my weight gain, my eyes, etc. I'm finally addressing the issue. This video wasn't easy for me to make. Please show your support." She airs light on several comments said to her on social media, and she publicly acknowledges them.

"I want those who attack me to know that I am a real person with emotions, and that anyone with a social media platform sees hateful comments just as well as nice ones." The online world has become a feast for trolls to bash and say cruel things, and it's time that we spoke up against it. No one, no matter what he or she looks like, should be shamed online in such a way." The video has nearly 100,000 views in a day. She calls out on the haters who have bullied her body, and she explains how and why during the past 10 years that she has put on weight.

A combination of age, doing new exercises, and even stress from running her 4 businesses has put some weight on Kristina. She admits to having been too thin before and that she has come to enjoy her more womanly curves despite what people think. She says that she has put on "healthy weight" and that she has come to love and accept her body no matter what.

Surprisingly from this video, she admits that it was not the comments about her weight that upset her the most. She was angered most by the comments telling her to stop posting and to stop sharing her message of health. One comment quotes,"FullyRaw is clearly going out of style and falling out of trend. You should just stop posting and move on with your life. No one cares."

Kristina says that is essentially asking her to give up her life and that no matter what she looks like; she refuses to stop helping people. Some comments told Kristina no one cared about her advice or posts any longer mattered since she is no longer in good shape. An issue she addresses and talks about the pressure of having to look good online to be admired or liked by one's peers. Having adapted to a raw vegan diet over 10 years ago, Kristina states this is the reason why she continues to eat what she calls "FullyRaw," and that she will continue to eat healthy and inspire people towards greater health no matter what.

What has inspired most is that Kristina says that by talking about her weight gain in public, she has faced a huge fear of hers. She feels much better now addressing this in public so that she can feel more confident in her skin. She quotes, "Even if no one else in the world cares about eating CLEAN FOODS, I will still do it...because it is what makes ME FEEL MY BEST. I reversed my hyperglycemia eating this way. I no longer take medications or have to spend HOURS in the doctor's office. I am no longer ridiculously emaciated. I no longer have blackout migraines. I no longer am depressed. I am HAPPY, HEALTHY, and FREE! Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you have food freedom, or are you still trapped in the yoyo diet phase?"

Kristina has inspired women and men worldwide with this video to love their bodies and develop self-confidence, no matter what they look like. She also encourages a vegan diet for best shape practices, as well as to help the environment, the animals, and the planet.

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