iPhone 5 MEMS Microphones

Feb 05, 2014, 12:36 ET from Research and Markets

DUBLIN, Feb. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/jmz3lm/iphone_5_mems) has announced the addition of the "iPhone 5 MEMS Microphones - Bundle Package" report to their offering.

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Set Of Two Reports Highlighting The First Two Mems Microphone Suppliers Competing With New Design In Apple Iphone 5 Smartphone.

Apple initiated the trend of integrating three MEMS microphones with the iPhone 5. Two manufacturers compete to integrate their analog microphones, Knowles which largely dominates the MEMS microphone market (with half of the business) and AAC which is ranked No. 2 but is the main source for the iPhone5.

Compared to the MEMS dies used in the previous iPhone, Knowles changed the design by integrating four transducers on the same silicon die, allowing to improve the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Knowles outsources the production of both MEMS and ASIC dies respectively to Sony in Japan and aims in Austria.

AAC Technologies continues to rely on Infineon for the production and design of the MEMS die, but compared to the ones integrated in the previous iPhone the new design integrates corrugations in the membrane allowing to relieve stress under maximum strain. Both components are interchangeable in the iPhone 5, thus providing similar package/functionalities/price but with two different processes.

These reports provide a complete teardown of the MEMS microphones with:

  • Detailed photos
  • Material analysis
  • Schematic assembly description
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • In-depth manufacturing cost analysis
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Selling price estimation

With this special bundle package you will get the two reports at a discounted price. The reports can also be purchased separately.

Key Topics Covered:



Companies Profile

iPhone 5 Teardown

Physical Analysis

Physical Analysis Methodology


  • Package Views & Dimensions
  • Package Opening
  • Package Cross-Section


  • View & Dimensions
  • Marking
  • Process
  • Cross-Section
  • Process Characteristics


  • View & Dimensions
  • Marking
  • Dicing
  • Bond Pads
  • Diaphragm & Backplate
  • Cross-Section

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • ASIC Front-End Process
  • ASIC Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • MEMS Process Flow
  • MEMS Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Packaging Process Flow
  • Package Assembly Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • ASIC Front-End Cost
  • ASIC Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
  • ASIC Wafer Cost
  • ASIC Die Cost
  • MEMS Front-End Cost
  • MEMS Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
  • MEMS Front-End Cost per process steps
  • MEMS Front-End: Equipment Cost per Family
  • MEMS Front-End: Material Cost per Family
  • MEMS Wafer Cost
  • MEMS Die Cost
  • Back-End : Packaging Cost
  • Back-End : Packaging Cost per Process Steps
  • Back-End : Final Test Cost
  • Microphone Component Cost & Price

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