JumpStart Invests $250,000 in Life Core Technologies, LLC

Company's Unique Cooling Collar Improves Patient Outcomes in Emergency Situations

Apr 05, 2012, 09:30 ET from JumpStart Inc.

CLEVELAND, April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Nonprofit venture development organization JumpStart Inc. has committed $250,000 to Life Core Technologies (www.lifecoretech.com), a Cleveland-based medical device company developing a patented disposable cerebral cooling system.  "Mild therapeutic hypothermia is needed as soon as possible after cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury or stroke to minimize injury to the brain," explains JumpStart's Lee Poseidon. Life Core's unique, low-cost medical device is a cervical collar that immobilizes the neck while strategically holding a non-hazardous, chemically-activated cooling "element" against the patient's carotid triangles. Heat is drawn from passing blood, dropping the brain temperature. "This is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, highly effective solution to help decrease the potential long-term neurologic damage these already life-threatening incidents can cause."    

Cooling draws heat away from the brain, slows metabolism, encourages cell membrane stability, and reduces inflammation and an array of inflammatory effects on the brain. Invented by Harvard-trained cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Aqeel Sandhu, Life Core Technologies' EXCEL® Cerebral Cooling System can be applied the moment a first responder arrives on the scene or upon the patient's arrival in the emergency room and, with periodic replacements of the cooling element, continue cooling as long as necessary. "We know that, in emergency situations, mild hypothermic cooling applied early can improve neurologic outcomes and save lives," says Life Core Technologies CEO Mike Burke. "Our technology does that quickly, simply, and affordably."

Life Core Technologies plans to use JumpStart's investment to advance additional scientific evidence of results and to add more sales support.

LIFE CORE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Founded in 2008, Life Core Technologies is a medical device company that has developed a series of products that support improved patient outcomes through a novel approach to therapeutic hypothermia. For more information on Life Core Technologies, contact us at 877.528.2888 or visit www.lifecoretech.com  

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