Leader Summaries Proves the Value of Robust Website Performance across South America

Nov 04, 2015, 10:00 ET from CDNetworks

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2002, Leader Summaries has experienced rapid growth by providing business summary library books for professionals around the world through the company's website www.leadersummaries.com. Today, over 21,000 unique visitors per day visit the website to view and download a library of volumes in the areas of Management Skills, Innovation, Business Leadership, General Management, Marketing & Sales and Human Resources.

Leader Summaries leverages a subscription model for its revenue generation - a model which has traditionally worked well, because customers can subscribe and fulfill their research goals easily at leadersummaries.com. The website serves a customer base that spans six continents. However, with the majority of their content published in Spanish, Leader Summaries earns the majority of subscriber revenue from loyal readers in Spain and the countries of South America.

With the surge in popularity of leadersummaries.com across South America, many subscribers were visiting the website from telecom networks that delivered unreliable performance. As subscriber volumes grew, so too did the time it took to deliver content from the Leader Summaries datacenter in Spain to demanding users in South America.

At one point, with latency-induced delays driving page-load times up to 20 seconds in areas of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, customers grew angry and complaint volumes skyrocketed. "We knew we needed to address the problem immediately," said Enrique Monreal, General Director of Leader Summaries. "Poor website performance led to cancelled subscriptions, placing our entire business model at risk."

Monreal knew his IT team had to identify the fastest means possible of improving international website performance.

The Challenge: Delivering High-Speed Content across South America

Leader Summaries wanted to optimize website and download speeds between Spain and South America as their primary goal. However, the cost of establishing a second data center in South America was high and did little to guarantee performance improvements in all the countries of the region. To gain local performance in as many geographies as possible, the team decided to use a CDN. This, they felt, would boost performance everywhere while enabling the fastest deployment possible.

When evaluating their various CDN options, Monreal's team focused on several criteria:

  • Performance – ability to drastically improve page download and applications speeds across South America
  • Data security – specifically, management of SSL infrastructure 
  • Global Presence – Points of presence throughout the eastern and western hemispheres, as subscriber growth was also occurring in Europe and Asia

The Solution: CDNetworks Global CDN with Robust Data Security

The IT team of Leader Summaries had read numerous reports of CDNetworks speeding websites on a global scale, which led them to place CDNetworks on their short list of vendors. "We had seen how they managed website performance in the most difficult world regions, including China," explained Monreal. "Sure enough, they provided performance tests that met our demands everywhere, including our number one target region for improvement - South America."

Beyond demonstrable performance benefits, Monreal was pleased with the unified CDNetworks architecture which enables automated SSL security. "SSL certificate verification can really slow communications between our origin server and international users," said Monreal. "But, CDNetworks keeps SSL certificates in the network to make this necessary security functionality as fast as possible."

The Results: Vast Performance Improvements and Happy Subscribers

As CDNetworks had shown in testing, the actual implementation of leadersummaries.com onto the CDNetworks global infrastructure improved website and content download times by 80-85 percent across the countries of South America and all other world regions.

As a second measure of speed verification, Smooth Stat (www.smoothstat.com) provided speed measurements of the leadersummaries.com website shortly after CDNetworks began managing the site's global delivery. Results from the Smooth Stat site are shown here: http://leadersummaries.com.smoothstat.com/ and state that the average load time to be 1.6 seconds. "That's very fast when you consider we're frequently delivering 20-page business documents to our subscribers," stated Monreal.

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