Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Announces Securing of Capital For Verdict on Appeal and Commercial Litigation Cases

Case Funding Firm signs strategic deal with California funding partner to focus on Verdict on Appeal cases as well as all large Commercial Litigation funding cases.

Nov 11, 2015, 05:00 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they have secured capital for Verdict on Appeal and Commercial Litigation cases. Due to a strategic deal with a new funding partner based in California, Legal-Bay will be putting a major focus on funding Commercial Litigation cases, including Judgment on Appeal and Verdict on Appeal type cases, as well many other cases such as Whistle Blower or Qui Tam suits.

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The strategic deal gives both companies presence in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania markets (where Legal-Bay's offices are located), as well as San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco where their California partner is based. The companies will also have a big presence in Texas, Florida, and Nevada where each company has a large network of funding consultants.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay commented, "Today's announcement enables our company to service clients from all over the country with getting proper pre-settlement values on their large Verdict on Appeal cases while they wait for the appeals to be heard. Although we have always been a big player in this space, we now have an even greater focus and determination to provide large cash advances for Verdict on Appeal and Commercial Litigation cases – a market that we believe is under-served within the legal finance industry."

Legal-Bay expects brisk funding for the rest of 2015 as many plaintiffs look to access funds over the holidays or for the New Year's expenses.

Legal-Bay's verdict funding programs are a great hedge to secure your large verdict with zero risk, since no money is owed back if you lose the appeal. In addition, the cost associated with taking an advance can be greatly offset by interest earned by the bond that the defendant must post in most state and federal courts. Unfortunately, what most plaintiffs are finding out when they win a large verdict is that the litigation is far from over and collecting the money can be difficult when a case is appealed. That is where Legal-Bay's judgment on appeal program within their commercial litigation funding department comes in, said the company.

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The company has now secured additional funding capital for other types of commercial litigation cases including, but not limited to:

Judgment on Appeal or Verdict on Appeal cases, Qui Tam or Whistle Blower Cases, Breach of Contract cases, Security Fraud or Stock Arbitration Cases, Patent or Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property Disputes, Anti-Trust Lawsuits, Large Wrongful Termination cases, Legal Malpractice Disputes, Franchise Protection Cases, Real Estate Disputes, Banking Dispute Cases, Royalty Payment Disputes, Estate or Trust Disputes, Construction Disputes, and Environmental Disputes.

All of Legal-Bay's programs are non-recourse lawsuit cash advances, also known as case funding. None of the programs should be considered to be a lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, pre-settlement loans or a pre-settlement loan. To learn more about how Legal Bay's funding process works on Commercial Litigations, visit:

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