Life Wireless now offers cellphone service to eligible low-income customers in South Carolina, Oklahoma and Maine

State regulators grant approval for leading Lifeline carrier to enter markets

Feb 04, 2013, 10:52 ET from Life Wireless

COVINGTON, Ga., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Life Wireless™ is now providing subsidized mobile phone service to eligible low-income families and individuals in South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Maine.

Life Wireless provides phone service through the federal Lifeline program, which was created by Congress in 1985 to ensure that all Americans have access to quality telephone service.

To be eligible for the Lifeline program, potential subscribers must take part in a federal assistance program such as Medicaid or Food Stamps, or earn no more than 135 percent of the federal poverty level. Customers may not receive service from more than one Lifeline carrier at the same time.

Customers receive a basic mobile handset with voicemail, text messaging, call waiting, and other features. Smart phones are not available. Calling plans offer up to 250 minutes a month.

"We are excited to bring our services to these three states," said Jim Carpenter, a senior vice president with Life Wireless. "Our sales representatives go into the community to reach those most in need of telephone service, thus fulfilling the mission of the Lifeline program."

The challenging economy has swelled the ranks of the poor in all three states. In South Carolina, for example, about 900,000 residents are living in poverty, compared to 657,000 in 2006.

"A cellphone is no longer a luxury item. It's a critical tool that helps people to stay in touch with their doctors, loved ones, and potential employers, and enables them to contact 911 during an emergency," said Carpenter.

Life Wireless recently had its compliance plan approved by the Federal Communications Commission. The compliance plan details the industry-leading steps Life Wireless takes to preserve the integrity of the federal Lifeline program and deliver affordable telephone service to eligible low-income families and individuals. Life Wireless performs multiple checks on each potential customer to verify that they qualify for phone service through the Lifeline program. All Life Wireless sales representatives receive extensive training and oversight to ensure that company policies are upheld.

"Our compliance program goes above and beyond what is required at the federal and state levels to ensure that those who are most in need are able to obtain telephone service," said William Curry, principal of Life Wireless.

Those interested in obtaining Lifeline service, or becoming a Life Wireless sales representative, may complete an application at the company's web site,

About Life Wireless
LIFE WIRELESS™ is a government assisted wireless service provided by LIFE WIRELESS HOLDINGS, LLC and is powered by the TELRITE CORPORATION. LIFE WIRELESS™ offers a Lifeline discount to low-income families and individuals for wireless services. To obtain LIFE WIRELESS™ service potential subscribers must meet certain eligibility requirements such as receiving governmental assistance or a household income that is near the federal poverty level. The specifics of what determines a potential subscriber's eligibility are specific to each state. For more information about Life Wireless, please visit the company's Web site,

Life Wireless is available in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota Missouri, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

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