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Jun 16, 2010, 08:28 ET from MarketsandMarkets

DALLAS, June 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Medical Devices practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce a new report titled World Dental Implants Market (2010 -2015).

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    Key take Aways

    - Define and measure the global dental implants market
    - Analyze the market structure by identifying various sub-segments
      of global dental implants market
    - Forecast the market revenue of dental implants market with
      respect to different geographies i.e. US, Europe, Asia and Rest of the
      World (RoW)
    - Identify major market trends and factors driving or inhibiting
      growth of the global dental implants market
    - Strategically analyze each submarket with respect to individual
      growth trends and contribution to the overall dental implants market
    - Analyze opportunities in the market for the stakeholders by
      identifying high-growth segments of the global dental implants market
    - Track and analyze competitive developments such as alliances,
      joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, new product developments and
      research and development in the global dental implants industry

Report Description

The global dental implants market will witness steady growth due to increased awareness for aesthetic dentistry, rising incidences of oral disorders and loss of teeth amongst the aging population around the globe. Introduction of new methods such as 'teeth-in-a-day' and use of CAD CAM dentistry will be an impetus to the growth of this market. However, higher cost of dental implants and lack of awareness in the developing markets will restrain the market to an extent. The global dental implants market is expected to grow from $2.9 billion in 2009 to $4 billion in 2014 at a CAGR of 6.04%.

The report discusses segmentation of the global dental implants market as per:

    - Dental implants market by procedures
    - Dental implants market by materials
    - Dental implants market by placement

The report analyses market drivers, restraints and opportunities for each of the sub markets.


The report categorizes global dental implants market by procedures, placement and materials. Along with market tables for submarkets, the report analyses trends and opportunities in U.S., Europe, APAC and RoW (Russia, CIS, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Africa). The report provides market tables for submarkets in the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, and ROW.

Market Definition and segmentation

The dental implants market is categorized by placement, materials and procedure.

By placement: Placement of dental implants depends on the condition of the jaw bone.

    - Endosseous Implants: Implants that are surgically placed
      directly into the bone to replace the root of the tooth. These implants
      can be either root form or plate form.
    - Sub-periostal Implants: Metal framework placed on the bone below
      the gum tissue with connectors exposed above the gums ready for
      restoration. These implants are used when the jaw bone is not in a
      condition to support an endosseous implant i.e. not enough height or
    - Transosteal Implants: These implants are placed only in the
      mandible (lower jaw), which involves surgical placement of the two
      metal rods below the chin, through the jawbone until exposed in the
      mouth for restoration.

By Material: The materials used for implants depend on the capability to osseointegration (ability to bind with the human bone).

    - Titanium/Titanium Alloys: A strong, light weight,
      silver-grayish colored metal with proven abilities to osseointegration.
      Titanium and its alloys are the mostly widely used materials for
    - Zirconia: Zirconium oxide or zirconia is a white powdered metal
      which has been widely used as crowns and bridges due to their aesthetic
      properties. Recently it has also been used as an alternative to
      titanium implants.

By Procedure: The procedure of the dental implants depends on the condition of the bone (the height and width). The implants mentioned below are endosseous type of implants.

    - Root form dental implants: Root form implants are screw
      shaped implants which resemble the root of a tooth. These implants are
      surgically placed in the jawbone to replace one or multiple teeth in
      the maxilla (upper jaw) or mandible (lower jaw).
    - Plate from dental implants: An endosseous type of implant, the
      name of which is derived from the blade like structure that is embedded
      into the jaw bone. This kind of implant is used in the areas where the
      jaw bone is too thin to support the root form implants. The use of
      blade from implants is very rare compared to the root form implants.
    - Ramus frame implants are special plate form implants placed in
      the mandible used in cases with severe bone deterioration. The process
      involves a surgical placement of a thin metallic frame that of the
      shape of the mandible, into the jaw bone in three different areas; the
      left and right back area near the wisdom teeth and the front side near
      the chin.


    - Dental implant manufacturers and vendors
    - Dental clinics and laboratories
    - Dental associations
    - Various research and consulting firms
    - Research associations related to dental implants


    - Market information was obtained through secondary research on
      company websites and news articles
    - Market size of the segments was calculated using the bottom-up
    - Market revenues of key players were determined by primary and
      secondary research, which includes study of the annual reports of the
      company and interviews with key opinion leaders, CEOs, directors and
      managers in the industry.

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