Men, What's Your Prostate IQ? TransMedia Creates Test To Find Out

Apr 09, 2013, 09:00 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- How much do men know about their prostate?  What's their Prostate IQ?

TransMedia Group ( has devised a way to find out through the National Prostate IQ Test.  

TransMedia said it constructed the test to go along with a mobile app created by Dr. Herb Ross. The app, called Prostate Aerobics ( serves as a personal trainer reminding and instructing users to exercise their pelvic floor muscles to strengthen and restore prostate health.

"Pelvic floor muscles shouldn't sag like the floors of a decrepit house," said Dr.Ross, author of  "Sleep Disorders." 

"If they do, Viagra and Cialis won't help as much and sleep won't last as long due to frequent urinations at night."

For media, here's a sneak preview of the test.  Find out what male readers/viewers know about protecting their prostate and reducing frequency of bathroom visits at night.  Dr. Ross knows much about those interruptions as he was the founder of the Aspen Sleep Institute.


The prostate . . .

A)  Produces the fluid portion of semen

B)  Produces hormones

C)  Causes stress

D)  Causes euphoria



What set of muscles need to be exercised to prevent frequent urination and maintain good prostate health?

A) Chest

B) Biceps

C) Triceps

D) Pelvic Floor



Pelvic Floor muscles help you…

A) Jump higher

B) Run faster

C) Think clearer

D) Prevent incontinence of bladder or bowel



 What do Pelvic Floor exercises comprise?

A) Lifting weights

B) Running

C) Contracting and relaxing muscles that form part of the pelvic floor

D) Bike riding



A man's Pelvic Floor muscles can be weakened by

A) Straining to empty bowel

B) Heavy lifting

C) Overweight

D) Aging

E) All of the above



What are benefits of strong Pelvic Floor muscles?

A) Easier bowel emptying

B) Increased sexual sensation

C) Reduced risk of prolapse

D) All of the above



What cancer is second to lung cancer as a leading cause of male cancer deaths?

A)  Prostate

B)  Brain

C) Lymphoma

D) Melanoma



A weak Pelvic Floor is like . . .

A) Sagging floor of a house

B) Flabby biceps

C) Bulging belly

D) None of the above



Cialis/Viagra experience will be better with stable Pelvic Floor:

A)  True

B) False

KEY:       1)A         2)D         3)D         4)C         5)E          6)D         7)A         8)A         9)TRUE

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