MiX Telematics Announces Extended Hours of Service Solution to Combat Driver Fatigue

Apr 21, 2016, 03:16 ET from MiX Telematics

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, April 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, is proud to announce the extension of its MiX Hours of Service Solution - adapted specifically to suit fleet operators aiming to monitor and manage non-regulated driving hours, electronically, and reduce fatigue-related incidents. The solution - which integrates with the company's flagship MiX Fleet Manager and MiX SafeDrive solutions - makes it easy for fleet operators to set their own driving hours rules, measure driving hours activity, intervene when necessary, and report on driving hours.

"Managing driving hours means safer drivers - and safer drivers mean better business. This is what it boils down to," says Catherine Lewis, VP of Technology at MiX Telematics.

"Operators have their own safety standards and policies to uphold, and reducing fatigue-related incidents should be high on the priority list across all industries. Lowering risk, liability and associated costs is always good for business," adds Lewis.

MiX Hours of Service offers comprehensive country and organisation-specific rule-set capability. Other attractive features of the solution include electronic logging, real-time alerts, centralised driver management, log viewing and editing, and an engaging interface.

The solution is built primarily for customers who want to prevent driving-related fatigue, and does so without the need for any driver input. However, additional driver-input functionality is available should a fleet manager want to manage working, off-duty/rest hours as well.

MiX Telematics has a number of solution adaptations to suit driving hours regulatory and organisational policy compliance in different parts of the world. These include tachograph compatibility in Europe and support for the upcoming ELD legislation in the US. Although, Lewis explains that currently Africa, the Middle East and Asia are focus areas for the extended MiX Hours of Service solution, due to an increasing trend to monitor driving hours in these regions.

For more information about MiX Hours of Service, please visit www.mixtelematics.co.za/hours-of-service.

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