Moleac Announces the Launch of NurAiD II in France, a "Recovery Stimulator" Marketed as a Natural Food Supplement

Nov 25, 2011, 10:00 ET from Moleac

SINGAPORE and PARIS, Nov. 25, 2011, /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Biopharmaceutical Company Moleac has announced the launch in France and Belgium of NurAiD II. NurAiD II is a natural health supplement engineered to stimulate neuroplasticity and recovery. NurAiD II is now available via a dedicated Internet site (, operated by Moleac and a growing number of pharmacies across France and Belgium.

A natural treatment to support the restoration of neurological functions:

NurAiD II is based on the beneficial properties of Chinese herbs, known for their medicinal properties and their safety. NurAiD II is a proprietary blend of 9 natural herbal extracts(1). NurAiD II can be used to stimulate neuroplasticity of healthy tissues, thereby playing a part in the recovery of both neurological and cognitive deficits of the central nervous system.

NurAiD II is derived from research and optimization of the original NeuroAiD formula. NeuroAiD is marketed by Moleac in a number of Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries - it is a more complex formula, incorporating a number of ingredients of animal origin and is thus considered a traditional medicine. NeuroAiD is mostly recommended by neurologists to patients who have suffered from motor or cognitive neurological deficits, for example as a post stroke treatment. NeuroAiD enhances the repair and restoration of neurological functions, namely by stimulating:

  • The proliferation, the differentiation and the migration of healthy neuronal cells.
  • The formation of new neuronal circuits(2).

These properties were established by a research team from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). As a result, patients receiving NeuroAiD up to six months after a stroke have a 2.4 greater chance of regaining independence after one month of treatment, and record a further 25% recovery of their motor deficits(3).

The CHIMES clinical trial is currently evaluating the benefits of NeuroAiD over a 3-month period, in patients initiating treatment within 72 hours after stroke onset (acute phase). To date, 1000 out of the targeted 1,100 subjects have been enrolled in the study.

NurAiD II (MLC901) is a simplified and optimized formula containing herbal extracts only. NurAiD II gained food supplement status following authorisation from the Belgian Food Safety Agency (the AFSCA) in April 2011, and notification from the French Consumer Affairs Agency (the DGCCRF), together with agencies in six other European Union countries.

A treatment that has been assessed through scientific studies:

The properties of NurAiD II, published in peer-reviewed journals, show that:

  • NurAiD II stimulates the secretion of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor - a growth factor that stimulates neurogenesis) by a factor of 2.5.
  • NurAiD II stimulates the proliferation of stem cells: after 2 days of treatment with NurAiD II on neuronal cultures, the number of rosettes of progenitor cells expressing nestin (an intermediate filament protein implicated in the growth of axons) is multiplied by a factor of 3.
  • NurAiD II encourages the growth of neurites and dendrites as well as synaptogenesis.

Note: NeuroAiD and NurAiD II are two registered trademarks of Moleac. The formulas MLC601 and MLC901 have a demonstrated equivalent pharmacology. The above data refers to NeuroAiD, but they are named as NurAiD II.


  1. Milk-vetch root, sage root, peony root, lovage rhizome, Chinese angelica root, Safflower, Peach, Polygala root, Sweet flag rhizome
  2. Neuroprotective and neuroproliferative activities of NeuroAiD™ (MLC601, MLC901) a Chinese Medicine in vitro and in vivo; Heurteaux C et al, Neuropharmacology, 2010 ; 58 :987-1001
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About Moleac: Moleac, founded in 2002, is a biopharmaceutical company based in Singapore. Its European subsidiary was created in 2008 in Paris. Moleac develops its natural health products by drawing on traditional knowledge, combined with modern-day molecular, cellular and clinical studies. During the course of its development, Moleac has set up various partnerships with research institutes in France (the CNRS), China and Singapore.

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