Multi-Year Agreement for SciFinder® with PatentPak™ Gives Israeli Academic Researchers Competitive Edge

Researchers from universities throughout Israel benefit from CAS solutions

Dec 23, 2015, 13:00 ET from CAS

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society and world's authority for chemical information and MALMAD consortium - Israeli Center for Digital Information Services - announced a five-year agreement to provide SciFinder® with PatentPak™ access to all universities in Israel. PatentPak, a robust new workflow solution from CAS, saves users half the time they spend researching patents by providing instant access to hard-to-find chemistry in patents and patent families in languages users know.

Access to patent information is increasingly important to researchers in Israel.  In fact, more than 75% of new substances added to the CAS content collection over the past year were initially disclosed in patents, so researchers who do not include patent information in their analyses are missing valuable information. 

"MALMAD consortium academic institutions in Israel have long benefitted from unlimited access to SciFinder for chemical information," said Dr. Sigal Lahav Scher, Director, MALMAD Consortium. "Given the significance of patenting in scientific discovery throughout Israel, the addition of PatentPak to our portfolio of research solutions gives faculty, students and researchers in Israeli universities a competitive advantage in quickly identifying relevant patent information that will help them get to the lab more quickly and to better protect their research over the long term."

"As a medicinal chemist, I have long valued having access to SciFinder and recognized the importance of patenting to the scientific community," said Prof. Abraham Nudelman, Bar Ilan University, a member of the MALMAD consortium.  "In fact, if you take SciFinder from me, I'd have to close my lab!  The addition of PatentPak will enable faster, more efficient scientific discovery in Israel for years to come."

With SciFinder, researchers in multiple areas of study, from biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, physics, forensics, medical, biomedical and engineering, and materials science, among others, benefits from access to the comprehensive scientific information available from CAS. The addition of PatentPak offers an interactive patent chemistry viewer within SciFinder that allows users to immediately access relevant chemistry full text patents from 31 major patent offices. CAS analysts have located and annotated the important chemistry within these documents, facilitating instant access to the exact locations of information a researcher needs within what can otherwise be long and tedious searching through patent documentation. 

"CAS scientists have done the work for you," said Paul Peters, director EMEA, ACS International Ltd.  "With PatentPak, you can easily find a native-language patent, and the interactive chemistry viewer will show you the exact locations of chemical substances instantaneously.  If you've ever leafed through a patent looking for a specific structure or chemical name, you can quickly appreciate the value this unique workflow solution provides to researchers.  Customers tell me they save up to half the time they would normally spend searching patents, which can be a true differentiator in the race to scientific discovery. "