muvee Device Solutions Group Releases 3D Video Editing Technology for Android

Skips application for the PC; Becomes first to release 3D video editing technology for Android in the compressed domain

Mar 22, 2011, 00:01 ET from muvee

ORLANDO, Fla., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CTIA App Pod #2895A -- muvee Device Solutions Group [DSG], the pioneer and leader in video editing applications for mobile devices, today announced the release of 3D video editing to accompany a suite of HD editing tools for Google's Android operating systems announced last month at Mobile World Congress.

muvee recently released CODEN (Compressed Domain Editing Engine), a technology stack that bypasses the need to decompress video before making basic edits. To add to this, muvee has now added enhancements to make this also work for 3D HD videos which could mean up to 2x the amount of video.  Now HD 720p video files in 3D can be edited while in a compressed state with the muvee application.  

"Consumers who shoot and share video on their mobile phones expect instant gratification," said Terence Swee, CEO, muvee.  "However, editing video has traditionally been a computationally expensive operation, given the large resolution and complex compression used.  By going the way of 3D, this problem doubles.  Using smart technologies like CODEN enable users to be able to quickly edit their 3D videos on device, bypassing the need to transfer to a PC."

muvee's announcement follows that of handset maker LG which recently released the LG Optimus 3D smartphone and tablet with user-friendly 3D capture and upload features.

"LG has been the first to announce the availability to record 3D-HD video on consumer mobile phones," Swee said.  "We believe this trend will continue in tandem with 3D TVs continuing their relentless march toward widespread adoption in the living room.  Making the CODEN stack usable for 3D video is valuable to the industry's efforts to promote user generated 3D content."

muvee's technology uses novel software techniques to accomplish all of the four basic video editing functions in a fraction of the time usually needed, and also requiring much less heap memory space on the phone.  This translates to a superior user experience and product differentiation without an increase in manufacturing costs to include more main memory and faster CPUs.  With muvee's new technology, now every camcorder phone is able to achieve this. Devices with dual-lens cameras for 3D video and image capture will be able to utilize muvee's 3D editing tool.

The HD video editing toolkit is now available for both feature phone and smartphone handset manufacturers and operators. For more information please visit Each of the four operations can be used to build separate applications or be licensed separately. They are also ready to be shipped as a complete video editing application immediately.  

About muvee DSG

muvee Device Solutions Group was established in 2004 with the release of the world's first video editing application on Symbian mobile phones for Nokia (NYSE: NOK). In 2006, DSG delivered the world's first digital camera video editing application, Pictmotion for Nikon (TYO: 7731). Today, muvee DSG continues to be the leader in producing cutting edge applications for video editing on-the-go that have been embedded in devices by LG (KRX: 066570), Samsung (KRX: 005930), Nokia and Nikon. The formal creation of Device Solutions Group is a demonstration of muvee's deep focus and commitment in embedded software, and to its device OEM customers. Visit for more information.

About muvee

Since 2001, muvee has been developing software and services featuring patented technology that lets people create and share professional-quality instant home movies out of unedited video, photos and music. muvee develops consumer products for a range of platforms and devices including PCs (muvee Reveal), Online (, digital cameras, mobile phones and photo kiosks. muvee's global customers include HP (NYSE: HPQ), Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), Nokia (NYSE: NOK), LG (KRX: 066570), Samsung (KRX: 005930), Sony (TYO: 6758), Olympus (TYO: 7733), Nikon (TYO: 7731) and Creative Technology (SGX: C76).  Visit and for more information.

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