MZ Group and B.I. International entered into a partnership to launch a pioneering course on Capital Markets

The course will join the expertise in Capital Markets of MZ Group and the excellence in executive education of B.I. International and Columbia University (NY)

Jul 25, 2013, 15:13 ET from MZ Group

SAO PAULO, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MZ Group, the world's largest investor relations consulting firm, and B.I. International, executive education school in Sao Paulo, entered into a partnership to launch a specialization course named "Capital Markets in Practice." The course was structured by Anna Maria Guimaraes, coordinator of undergraduate education in B.I. International, and Rodrigo Alves, CEO of MZ Group in Latin America. The course is composed of two phases within six months: a 67-hour domestic phase and a 30-hour international phase, totaling 97 hours/class. The domestic phase is expected to begin on August 15, with an inaugural workshop at the headquarters of B.I. International, and the international phase will begin in March 2014 at Columbia University, in New York.

It is a pioneering course, whose purpose is to present a structured overview on Capital Markets to executives working in the sector's Investment Area (Banks, Investment Funds and Companies in general). Broadly speaking, the course will comprise case studies and lecturers of renowned entrepreneurs, in order to present an overview on current macroeconomics and risk management, tools to increase competitiveness through capital markets, manners of preparing the companies to access this market, as well as practices to maximize the company's brand valuation.

"We have had in mind for a long time this idea of structuring a course that could transfer all expertise obtained by MZ Group over a 14-year history. Since we made a pioneering work in Investor Relations in Brazil, we have so much to share with Capital Markets professionals who intend to improve their knowledge. In addition, the international experience provided by the course will enable the students to live a useful exchange with professionals and professors from market realities that differ from ours," says Rodrigo Alves.

To check out the full schedule of the course, please contact Priscila Cordeiro, from BI International (+55 11 3014-1008 / +55 11 989363201).


Course: Brazilian Capital Markets in Practice – "Ride your gains and cut your losses"

Academic and technical coordination: Anna Maria Guimaraes and Rodrigo Alves

Inaugural workshop: August 15, 2013

Duration: six months - the domestic phase will take place from September 5 to December 19, 2013, and the international phase will occur in March 2014

Venues: headquarters of B.I. International (Av. das Nacoes Unidas, 12.551 – 6th Floor) and Columbia University (New York, USA);

About B.I. International ( B.I. International is an executive education school which proposes a Unique Education Model. Our assumption is to develop in each student competences that make him or her able to undertake a business, innovate and compete on a global basis. The learning model developed by the institution is based on three pillars: competence map - the student's Individual Development Plan (PDI) is translated into an Individual Competence Map that contains in a transparent manner which Knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes the person has to develop at that specific time in career; constructive leaders – our professors are "facilitators," "abettors," educators and executives committed with the increase of knowledge and the transformation of its students; constructive evaluations – development of case studies, Business Plans or Business Projects, in addition to design thinking and open innovation dynamics, reinforcing the knowledge assimilation.

About MZ Group ( MZ Group is a member of Attitude Group and the world's largest independent investor relations company (one-stop-shop in strategic consulting, integrated services and technology). Founded in 1999, MZ Group has become a Brazilian multinational headquartered in Sao Paulo and with offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Chicago, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, Sydney, Taipei and Vancouver. Its services include: strategic consulting – value and perception gaps, risk management, corporate reputation and coaching for executives and Board members; integrated services – planning and implementation of global IR programs, investor targeting, non-deal road shows, market intelligence and events; and technology – complete technological infrastructure (CRM, websites/MZApps, webcasts, web analytics/SEO, online general meetings) and applied data base (IR Navigator).

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