MZ Group is the world's seventh favorite IR service provider

Largest independent investor relations consulting firm also ranks fourth in Asia, according to IR Magazine Survey

Sep 19, 2013, 20:16 ET from MZ Group

SAO PAULO, September 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MZ Group, the largest global independent investor relations consulting firm, was ranked the world's seventh favorite IR service provider by an IR Magazine survey. This result is particularly significant because it shows that MZ Group, aside from leading in Latin America, was the fourth most favorite provider in Asia and tied with or in front of such internationally-renowned companies as NASDAQ, Bloomberg, FTI Consulting, Georgeson and Hill & Knowlton in their home markets.

"Our high rankings demonstrate the progress we have made in our international expansion," said Ted Haberfield, CEO of MZ Group for North America. "They further validate the value we provide to our clients by offering a comprehensive platform unmatched by the majority of our competitors. As we continue to refine our products and services to better serve our clients evolving needs, we will strive to become the preeminent independent IR firm in every region where we have a presence."

Among the IR services provided by MZ Group, the following were evaluated: (i) IR consultancy services; (ii) shareholder ID, targeting and surveillance; (iii) IR website; (iv) webcasting, newswires and financial PR; (v) IR support; (vi) annual reports and conference calls; and (vii) proxy/technology solicitations for participation in shareholder meetings.

Favorite IR service providers: GLOBAL*

Favorite IR service providers: ASIA*

1- Thomson Reuters (322 pts)
2- Ipreo (166 pts)
3- Orient Capital (63 pts)
4- (46 pts)
5- Computershare (39 pts)
6- King Worldwide (36 pts)
=7- MZ (35 pts)
=7- NASDAQ (35 pts)
9- Bloomberg (31 pts)
=10- FTI consulting (30 pts)
=10- Georgeson (30 pts)

1- Thomson Reuters (50 pts)
2- Orient Capital (27 pts)
3 - ShareInvestor (24 pts)
=4- Hill & Knowlton (21 pts)
=4- MZ (21 pts)

(*) The entire survey can be found on MZ Group's ISSUU channel at:

In order to compile the survey, IR Magazine collected answers to the following question from more than 450 IROs and CFOs of the world's leading publicly-held companies: "Which investor relations consulting firm is the most complete and best equipped to provide services globally and in the sub-regions of the USA & Canada, Europe and Asia?"

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