Napatech ReThinks Appliance Portfolio Development

Latest Whitepaper Addresses Critical Data Growth Issues Facing Network Equipment Manufacturers

Dec 18, 2013, 08:00 ET from Napatech

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Napatech, the world's leading supplier of network analysis adapters, today released the latest whitepaper in its "Time to ReThink" series of insights with regards to crucial issues facing network equipment manufacturers (NEMs). In "Time to ReThink Appliance Portfolio Development," Napatech focuses on how NEMs can streamline portfolio development by incorporating a universal appliance that minimizes the number of components and vendors, while maximizing deployment options.



  • A universal appliance has the capability to implement any appliance or probe with the installation of the appropriate analysis software. As such, these appliances also allow deployment of multiple analysis applications on the same server, each sharing the same data.
  • The key components of a universal appliance include:
    • Commercial off-the-shelf server
    • Network analysis adapter
    • Hardware abstraction layer
    • Appropriate analysis software
  • Napatech adapters provide the essential features for real-time analysis:
    • 100 percent packet capture
    • Nanosecond time-stamping precision
    • Application off-load
    • Flow identification
    • Intelligent distribution of network traffic

Erik Norup, president and CMO, Napatech, said:
"The explosive growth in data traffic is increasing the size, scope and complexity of portfolio development, challenging NEMs to deliver value, on budget, with quick time to market. With a universal appliance, it is possible to streamline the development of several products into one release, simplifying the support of key technologies while saving time and money."

About Napatech
Napatech is the leading supplier of real-time analysis adapters with over 140,000 Ethernet ports deployed worldwide. Designed for use with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers, Napatech adapters enable rapid development of powerful appliances for high performance analysis. Napatech adapters guarantee real-time delivery of data at speeds up to 40 Gbps. Intelligent features allow network data analysis to be off-loaded, thereby accelerating application analysis for managing, securing and optimizing networks and services. When performance matters, the world's largest equipment vendors in telecom, enterprise, financial and government markets choose Napatech. Customers depend on Napatech for reliable delivery, complimentary maintenance and upgrades, and experienced global customer support. Napatech is headquartered in Copenhagen (Denmark) with offices in Mountain View, Andover, Washington D.C. (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

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