New Jersey's #1 Renewable Energy Company, Trinity Solar, Eliminates the Barriers for Homeowners to 'Go Solar' With New Financing Solutions

There has never been a better time to go solar!!!

Jan 29, 2010, 07:03 ET from Trinity Solar

FREEHOLD, N.J., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Trinity Solar, the largest solar integrator in New Jersey with over 950 solar electric systems installed to date, is proud to offer New Jersey's homeowners new financing solutions to pay for their solar power.  Never has solar been so affordable or so easy to obtain.  Trinity has joined forces with SunRun, the nation's largest home solar financing company, to offer homeowners new ways to finance their systems. 

Trinity's partnership with SunRun now allows homeowners to install solar for as little as $300.  SunRun's financing programs substantially reduce a homeowner's annual electric bill, now and in the future, and provide peace of mind through complete system care after installation.  SunRun has created the most economically efficient way for homeowners to pay for their solar electric systems, removing many of the traditional roadblocks that prevented the general public from installing systems on their homes.

"We have researched all the financing programs available for our customers to pay for their systems and believe we now have the best suite of options available in the market today," says Ed Merrick, Trinity's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  "Whether a homeowner wants to own a system outright or is more comfortable just buying the power produced from the system, we have removed all the barriers to 'going solar'.  It is obvious that solar power is now more affordable today than buying power from your electricity provider."

Merrick goes on to say, "Moreover, we are especially excited to offer our clients SunRun's Power Plan™ and Total Solar™ programs.  By eliminating the large upfront cost, we expect the number of homeowners who want to and can put solar power on their roofs to grow substantially.  Solar-powered renewable energy has never been easier to obtain than it is today."   

New Jersey homeowners interested in Trinity Solar's financing options should call us at 877-797-2978 or visit us on the web at

About Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar, one of the leading solar electric system integrators for residential and commercial clients in North America, has over 950 solar electric installations, more than 9,000 energy-related clients and twice as many completed and operating New Jersey-based solar electric systems as any other solar provider in the state.  With over 100 employees, NJBIZ ranked Trinity as the largest renewable energy company in New Jersey.  Based on data provided by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Trinity has installed nearly 20% of the solar electric systems operating in New Jersey. 

Doing business in New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania, Trinity Solar serves homeowners, businesses and non-profits throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.  Founded in 1994, Trinity entered the solar industry as a solar electric integrator in 2004.  For more information about Trinity Solar, visit

About SunRun Inc.

SunRun provides revolutionary solar financing for homeowners. SunRun buys and installs high-quality home solar systems for its customers, who pay a low monthly bill for the solar electricity produced on their roof. All SunRun customers receive money-back annual performance guarantees in addition to professional-grade monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and insurance, which removes the complexity and risk from going solar. SunRun's goal is to provide every home direct access to clean, affordable electricity. SunRun currently serves communities in California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, and New Jersey. Additional information about SunRun is available at  

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